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The Division of Cytopathology was established in the year 1951 by Dr. D. J. Jussawala, former Director of Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) and Founder Honorary Secretary of the Indian Cancer Society (ICS). The laboratory has been accredited by the Indian Academy of Cytologists (IAC) in the year 1980 for diagnostic services and later in 1984 as training & examination centre. It has also been accredited by NABL for diagnostic cytopathology services since 2006.

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Click Here For Application Form : EQAS- DIAGNOSTIC CYTOPATHOLOGY

Diagnostic Services

The Division of Cytopathology provides diagnostic services in the field of cytopathology including Exfoliative Cytology, (Gynaecological & Non-gynaecological) and Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC).

It also offers special services, such as EBUS-FNA, EUS-FNA, Rapid on-site sample evaluation (ROSE) of FNAC samples to improve sample adequacy. Liquid Based Cytology (LBC)service has been launched in the year 2017 as an additional test modality to conventional cytology to improve the diagnostic yield.

The department offers (3-tier) cancer screening and diagnostic services with minimal turnaround time (TAT) of 24-72 hr as routine services. ICU and other critical and urgent samples are reported within 4 hr.

All cytology cases are screened by cytotechnologists (primary and secondary screening) and reported by Pathologist. Synoptic formatsare implemented to ensure uniform and standardized reporting since the year 2010.

EQAS Diagnostic Cytopathology at National Level

Considering the growing need of proficiency tests, the Department of Cytopathology started EQAS Diagnostic Cytopathology service in the year 2007 with only 7 participants. Over the years the program has grown extensively and at present (2021) more than 400 participants from 340 laboratories/institutes from all over India are registered participants.

This is an annual program consisting of 2 cycles of 5 cases (glass slides) each including gynaec, non-gynaec and FNAC. The cases are sent to participants to evaluate with pertinent clinical details. The same glass slides are circulated among all the participants. After receiving the evaluation forms from the participants, the feedback forms are sent which include the final diagnosis, deviations from final diagnosis, final score and remark.

  • 1  Advanced cytopathology technician training course
  • 2  MD Pathology and DM Oncopathology (HBNI)
  • 3  Short term observers

Training Course for Cytotechnicians

The Department of Cytopathology started the cytotechnicians training course in 1992. A one and a half year combined histology and cytology techniques course i.e. the Advanced Histology and Cytology Technicians Training Course was started in 2000.
This includes six months training in cytology and rest in histopathology, molecular pathology, biochemistry and clinical pathology. In cytology the training comprises of lectures, hands-on technical training and microscopy.

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Contact Us

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