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Dr C S Pramesh

Dr C S Pramesh

Tata Memorial Centre is amongst the oldest and largest cancer centres in the world, with over 80 years of exceptional patient care, high-quality training and innovative cancer research. Over the years, it has grown in size and stature, maintaining its pre-eminent position at the forefront of national and global cancer control efforts.

Compassionate patient care remains the major focus of Tata Memorial Centre, with eleven Disease Management Groups (or multidisciplinary teams) breaking departmental silos and providing optimal care for every patient. This emphasis on team approach leverages the extensive experience and expertise of various specialists, thereby providing patients with evidence-based, yet individualized care, tailored not just to the cancer but also the patient’s unique physical, emotional and psychosocial needs.

Researchers at the Tata Memorial Centre are world leaders in basic, translational, epidemiologic and clinical cancer research. Research at TMC includes studies to understand cancer biology, large community based screening trials for common cancers and cohort studies, neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment, perioperative interventions, surgical trials, repurposing drugs, survivorship, qualitative research, and patient pathways to understand the patient journey. Our research focuses on impacting survival and quality of life i.e., living longer, or living better –endpoints that really matter to patients.

Training and education form a major focus area for TMC, which remains the most sought after institution for oncology training nationally. Combining a world-class academic faculty and being amongst the highest volume cancer centres in the world, we take special pride that our alumni now provide specialist oncology care and hold leadership positions in several cancer centres in the country and internationally.

We are grateful to the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India for their unstinting support over the years, enabling us to respond to changing times and adapting our strategy to the country’s needs. The establishment of the National Cancer Grid is a remarkable example of this foresight and vision – creating the largest cancer network in the world, with over 300 cancer centres, research institutions, patient groups, charitable organizations and professional societies working together to provide uniform standards of cancer care, enhance human resource and conduct collaborative multidisciplinary cancer research within the country and internationally.

As we are now at the cusp of a major expansion plan that will quadruple our patient care capabilities as well as broaden our geographic presence in the country, we pledge to bring the same standards for which Tata Memorial Centre is known in each of the new centres, thereby bringing high quality cancer care to several thousand patients at their doorsteps. This is also the opportune time to rededicate ourselves to the strong values and qualities that have characterized our distinguished institution for close to eight decades.

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