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The Department of Palliative Medicine at Tata Memorial Hospital represents a comprehensive and sustainable model of evidence based, person centered and individualised care that enhances wellbeing at the physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions for patients with serious health-related suffering due to severe illness and their caregivers


  • To develop, facilitate, establish and improve comprehensive and holistic care processes
  • To institute evidence based person centered and individualised management for good symptom control and improved quality of life for patients and their caregivers.
  • To assure competent, compassionate and continued care through out
  • To provide appropriate multidisciplinary inputs from the team of experienced professionals
  • To create a social environment that reflects and sustains this approach
  • Introduction

    Palliative Care service in Tata Memorial Hospital was established in 1996. Over the past 25 years, it has deepened its roots and spread its branches far and wide, providing peaceful shade to thousands of advanced care patients. Total bio-psycho-socio-spiritual care is delivered by expert professionals from different disciplines and thus, we are not just doctors, but a TEAM. We care for each other as much as we care for our patients

    The Department of Palliative Medicine, Tata Memorial Hospital started India's first MD Palliative Medicine programme in 2012. The department has so far trained 17 MD students and 6 students are under training.

Clinical service

Out-patient clinics for ambulatory patients, consultation liaison for inpatients,emergency palliative care, palliative consultations for oncological emergencies, Specialised pediatric Palliative care, home based palliative care, Respite palliative care, tele-palliative care and integration with interventional pain management. With these services, we care for about 170-200 patients/day

Specialist Palliative Medicine training

Post Graduate training-

  • Curriculum based structured palliative medicine programme with seminars, journal clubs and case presentations
  • We have been running a Collaborative teaching programme with Palliative Care International Curriculum (PCIC) project led by international faculties.
  • We also have an ECHO based Pediatric palliative care programme led by international faculties.
  • We run a fellowship program for Pediatric Palliative Care.

Generalist Palliative Care training:

Doctors training-

  • We conduct basics in adult and pediatric palliative care programme for doctors annually.

Nursing training-

  • We conduct basics in adult and pediatric palliative care programme for nurses annually.

Psychosocial Palliative care training-

  • Every year we run basic psychosocial palliative care training for psychologists, social workers, counsellors and volunteers.
  • We conduct the palliative care curriculum for the institute’s “KEVAT”-patient navigation training programme

Research has been one of the strongest pillars of Tata Memorial Hospital and so is for our department. We currently have about 20 ongoing clinical research projects in the department. The first Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) conference in Palliative Medicine took place in 2020. We conducted the first ever Palliative Care e-course to be held in India under the aegis of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and PCIC project in Oct 2021.

We believe in quality improvement and implement quality improvement programmes. A Quality improvement project improved the rate of referrals in advanced lung cancer for early palliative care.

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