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"International Federation for Cervical Pathology & Colposcopy (IFCPC)
certified centre for Training Course on Colposcopy & Cervical Cancer Prevention"


The most common cancers are Tobacco related cancers - around 3,00,000 cases each year, cancer of the Cervix Uteri - around 1,00,000 cases each year and Breast cancer - around 80,000 cases each year.

The cancer toll in developing countries, especially India, is due to the fact that over 70% of cases are detected late and report for treatment in very advanced stages. Apart from the pain and misery cancer inflicts on the patient, as well his family, the economic impact of this disease is catastrophic. For example, it costs Indian Rupees 3,50,000 (Rs. 3.5 lakhs)[ICMR Task Force Study, 1999], to treat one tobacco-related cancer. Simple changes in lifestyles and regular screening can bring down these deaths drastically and even have health benefits that reach beyond cancer. With the principal objective of prevention and early detection of common cancers the Tata Memorial Hospital set up the Department of Preventive Oncology in March 1993. Ever since, the Department of Preventive Oncology has been raising awareness and concern about cancer and affirming the prevention and curablity of cancers if detected early. As the level of cancer awareness rises, the health seeking behavior towards early detection will increase and consequently the cancer load in the country will begin to decline.

The department is housed on the third floor of the 'Service Block'.

Department of Preventive Oncology, housed on the third floor of the 'Service Block',offers the following services: -

  • Health education on Cancer prevention and early detection
  • Cancer Screening & Follow-up clinics
  • Health Manpower Training and Development in Preventive Oncology
  • Technical Advice for establishing Preventive Oncology activities
  • Scientific research Projects
  • Special Focus Programme

Cost-effective efficacious cervical cancer screening using VIA test

Cervical cancer screening by "visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA)" test is now proven to be effective in reducing cervical cancer mortality and may be used as a cost-effective method for cervical cancer control, particularly in resource constrained settings.The VIA manual prepared by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC),is being used by the department of preventive oncology for training primary health workers to provide VIA screening.
The manual is available in public domain and may be downloaded from the following link:
http://screening.iarc.fr/doc/viavilimanual.pdf. Printed copies may be purchased form the IARC press if needed.

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Cancer Screening Services

Special Focus Programmes

All educational activities should succeed into a change in attitudes and practices. This sometimes and especially in our context requires repeated and attractive messaging followed up with screening services. Department of Preventive Oncology participates enthusiastically with the community in providing cancer awareness through unique special focus programmes targeting the three common cancers i.e. Cervical cancer, Breast cancer, and Tobacco related cancers, particularly Head and Neck Cancers. The months of March, June and October each year are devoted for special focus programs. March is the month for Cervix Cancer Awareness. The department uses the popular platform of the InternationaI Women's Day, 8th March to conduct special awareness campaigns on Women's cancers with special emphasis on Cervix Cancers throughout the month of March. It also offers free check-up for women during this month.

Tobacco related cancers are targeted from the 31st of May (World No Tobacco Day) and continue throughout June. Several activities informing the lay public the ill effects of tobacco are conducted during this month. The department also offers free checkup for tobacco users in the month of June each year. 9th October being International Breast Cancer Awareness Day, the department conducts Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns. October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Tata Memorial Hospital has been doing yeoman service for the past six decades and is the most updated Cancer Centre in the Indian Subcontinent. Since the focus worldwide is shifting to prevention and early detection, the Tata Memorial Hospital is now also geared up to provide the same level and quality of services through the Department of Preventive Oncology. Committed to providing much needed information to the public on how to prevent and detect cancer at an early stage as well as the management of Pre-cancerous conditions, the Department of Preventive Oncology remains a pioneer in the field of cancer prevention in the country.

Click for Scientific Research Projects:
Scientific Research Projects




IRB No. 1996-I: “Early Detection of Common Cancers in women in India.” (funded by RO1 grant of the NIH, USA; Grant # 5RO1 CA 074801-16)

IRB No.:1996-I;
PI: Dr. R. A. Badwe,
Co-I: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr. I Mittra, Dr.S.S.Shastri, Dr. R Dikshit
National Institutes of Health.
On-going project

1st approval – Aug’96, project started in May 1998. Recruitment is closed. Four rounds of screening are complete in all ten intervention clusters.

This is a cluster randomized trial where twenty slum clusters in Mumbai, India were selected by simple random sampling consisting of over 151,538 participants. Ten slum clusters consisting of 75,360 participants were randomized into intervention arm to receive four rounds of intervention (Health Education Program followed by breast and cervix cancer screening) followed by four rounds of active surveillance. Another 10 slum clusters consisting of 76,178 participants were randomized to control arm to receive one time health education program in the first active surveillance followed by seven rounds of active surveillance only. Every round is of 24 months duration.

The primary aim of this trial among urban slum women, aged 35-64 years, in Mumbai, India, is to investigate the efficacy of cancer education  and  screening, using affordable, sustainable and culturally acceptable techniques, i.e. Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) and Visual Inspection with 4% Acetic Acid (VIA), performed by trained female primary health workers (PHWs) in the: 1) Early detection and downstaging of breast and cervical cancer & 2) Reduction in breast and cervical cancer mortality.


IRB No. 562: “Randomized trial of 2 versus 3 doses of HPV vaccine in India.”

PI: Dr.Sharmila Pimple
Co-I: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr.Rohini Kelkar, Dr. N. Jambhekar, Dr. Kedar Deodhar, Dr. Bharat Rekhi, Dr. R Mulherkar, Dr. SV Chiplunkar

IRB approval received on 11th October 2008. The project was started on August 3, 2009. This is a two arm cluster randomized multi-centric clinical trial among 20000 unmarried girls between 10 to 18 years. 514 girls were recruited during which time the project had to be temporarily suspended because of govt. directives on 8th April, 2010. ICMR cleared the project on 5th April 2011. IRB approval was again received on 28.06.2011 for re-starting the trial.


IRB No.1767: “Narrow band imaging observed oral mucosa microvasculature as a tool to detect early oral cancer”

PI: Deepa Nair, Pankaj Chaturvedi, Co-I: Munita Bal, Sudhir Nair, Gauravi Mishra, Sharmila Pimple, Manish Mair

The aim of this project is to evaluate the efficacy of narrow band imaging in detecting early oral cancers.


IRB No.1763: “A Pilot Study on HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening in India”

PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr. Sharmila Pimple, Dr. Usha Menon
Co-I: Dr. Laura A. Szalacha,

The objectives of this project are to test feasibility and acceptability of point of care HPV testing, to describe the HPV infection types in women screened, to compare if the quality of HPV clinician- collected and self-collected samples are equally efficient to detect HPV and cervical cancer precursor lesions and to compare the agreement between HPV GeneXpert and HPV HC2 test on the clinician-collected sample.


IRB No.1709: “Development and Non Inferiority Evaluation of a portable transvaginal digital colposcope with smartphone interface for single visit cervix cancer screening in low resource settings”

Industry Innovation Programme on Medical Electronics (IIPME) a partnership project between the “Department of Electronics and Information Technology”, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, GOI and “Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance council”, (BIRAC)  a public sector undertaking of DBT.

PI: Dr. Sharmila Pimple, Co PI  Dr Tanuja Teni , : Dr.Gauravi Mishra.


IRB No. 1686: “Acceptability and Validity of Self Sampling For High Risk HPV Detection Among Women In Maharashtra”

IEC No. 1686
PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr. Sharmila Pimple
Co-I: Dr. Kavita Anand, Dr. Rohini Kelkar
No funding received

The major objectives of this project are to determine the test characteristics of health personnel collected and self collected HPV samples for HC2 explained by two different methods (pamphlets/ health education program [HEP]). To evaluate agreement between self collected and health personnel collected HPV samples for HC2 with two different methods of education (pamphlets/ HEP). To study the attitudes, acceptability and barriers of self-collection of specimens for HC2 testing in three sub groups of population in Maharashtra with two different methods of education (pamphlets/ HEP). To determine the predictors of self-sampling preference and to determine the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) regarding cervical cancer and HPV infection among these women in pre and post-intervention period.


IRB No: 1671:  Performance of HPVDNA Test in presence of Co-infection with   Common Reproductive Tract Infections

PI: Dr. Sharmila Pimple, Co I Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr Kavita Anand


IRB No. 1605: “Cervical Cancer Screening: Tutorials for skills development of Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs), Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) and Primary Health workers (PHWs)”

PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr. Shylasree T.S, Prof. Santosh Noronha
Funds from IIT Mumbai and intramural TMH

The aims of this project are to develop a tutorial based training on imparting cervical cancer related health education, screening for cervical cancers using VIA, collection of PAP smears and HPV samples to be used for training ANMs/ASHAs/PHWs; to reduce the training time required by an expert to train ANMs/ASHAs/PHWs as compared to the traditional training methods; to evaluate the efficacy of the training tool by conducting a pre-test and post-test and practical test for lesion identification and to access the satisfaction levels of ANMs/ASHAs/PHWs of learning through video based tutorials.


IRB No. 1413: “A Pilot Study on Comparative Evaluation of Results of Pap Smears and HPV Hybrid Capture 2 performed on Cervical Samples before and after Application of Acetic Acid.”

The project has been completed in 2015.
PI: Dr. Gauravi Mishra, Dr. Sharmila Pimple
Co-I: Dr. Kavita Anand, Dr. Surendra Shastri
Intramural funds received

The objectives of this pilot study were to evaluate the cell adequacy and smear quality of Pap smears and adequacy of samples for HPV HC 2 collected after application of acetic acid


IRB No. 1378: “Impact of smoke free public places (smoke free cabs) on cab drivers in Mumbai, India.”

PI: Dr. Gauravi Mishra, Dr. Sharmila Pimple  Co-I: Dr. Kriti Patel, Ms. Parishi Majmudar, Dr. Surendra Shastri
Funding: NIL
The enrollment has been completed

The project aimed at studying the KAP regarding tobacco and smoke free public places (with specific reference to smoke free cabs) among cab drivers in Mumbai. To understand the perceptions, attitudes and impact of smoke free cab policy among cab drivers in Mumbai. (in terms of number of customers, customer practices, self health status, self practices, reactions from commuters, violations observed, violations reported etc.). To educate them regarding hazards of tobacco and the need for smoke free cabs. To invite cab drivers to avail the Preventive Oncology (PO) screening facilities and evaluate the compliance for screening and determine the rate of oral precancers. To offer the cab drivers using tobacco, tobacco cessation programme at the Tobacco Cessation Clinic (TCC) at the Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) and evaluate the compliance for availing these services. To engage the cab drivers using tobacco, to convey messages about tobacco control and refraining from tobacco habit, to the customers while commuting. To evaluate the perceptions of cab drivers with respect to reactions from commuters, to the messages conveyed. To study the post-intervention KAP regarding tobacco and smoke free public places. To determine the rate of tobacco cessation after one year of follow-up.


IRB No. 1369: “Compliance, perceptions and attitudes of Bus employees and commuters towards smoke free bus policy (as part of smoke free public places) in Mumbai, India.”

PI: Dr. Sharmila Pimple, Dr. Gauravi Mishra
Co-I: Dr. A.M. Singal, Ms. Parishi Majmudar
No funds.

The major objectives are to assess the knowledge and awareness about tobacco legislation and understand the perceptions and attitude regarding implementation of smoke free BEST policy among BEST employees. To determine the KAP of BEST commuters about the provisions of smoke free public places and the smoke free public transport. To identify stakeholder challenges and to study compliance with smoke free BEST policy.


IRB No. 1368: “Comparative Evaluation of Efficacy of Different Methods of Tobacco Cessation Interventions among BEST Employees in Mumbai:  A Randomized Controlled Trial.”

PI: Dr. Gauravi Mishra, Dr. Sharmila Pimple
Co-I: Dr. A.M. Singal, Ms. Parishi Majmudar, Dr. Surendra Shastri
No funding

The major objectives are to study the KAP regarding tobacco and educate the BEST employees in Mumbai. To offer PO screening facilities and evaluate the compliance for screening and determine the rate of oral pre-cancers. To study their post-intervention KAP. To determine the rate of tobacco cessation after twelve months of tobacco cessation intervention. To comparatively evaluate the success of the four approaches of tobacco cessation.


IRB No. 1271: “A mixed methods study to assess compliance for Gutkha, Pan masala ban and Section 5 and 6 of  COTPA in Thane District, Maharashtra and Stakeholder views on challenges, barriers and opportunities for Tobacco Control legislation in District Tobacco Control Program.”

PI: Dr.Sharmila Pimple, Co-PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra; Co-I: Dr. Kriti Patel, Dr. Sandeep Gunjal, Ms. Parishi Majmudar, Dr. Surendra Shastri
Funds received for the project through the PHFI
The project has been completed.

The project aimed to assess the compliance to Gutkha and Pan Masala ban and selected sections of COTPA in Thane district of Maharashtra.


IRB NO: 1121   Interventional Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Medium Intensity Verses Low Intensity Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Intervention in the Unorganized Sector of Zari Workers in Mumbai.

PI: Dr.Sharmila Pimple,
Co-PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra; Co-I: Mrs.Parishi Majmudar



IRB No. 1208: “Generalized cost-effectiveness analysis of breast cancer control interventions in Maharashtra, India”

PI: Sharmila Pimple Co-PI: Mr. Sten Zelle, Co-I: Gauravi Mishra, Dr. Vani Parmar, Dr. Shripad Banavali, Dr.Suvarna Patil, Dr.Krishna Kamble, Dr. Prakash Dhale, Dr. Soumitra Ghosh, Dr. Rajesh Dikshit, Dr. Bhavana Sirohi, Dr. Meenakshi Thakur, Dr. Tanuja Sheth 

The aim of this project is to evaluate the cost effectiveness of various methods of Breast Cancer management in the state of Maharashtra. The project was conceptualized during workshop on Breast cancer cost effectiveness analysis. It was planned as a multi-centric study.


IRB No. 1121: “Formative Research to develop Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Intervention for LGBT Community in India”

IRB Project No: 1121
Funding Source: NIL
PI: Dr Sharmila Pimple
Co PI: Dr Gauravi Mishra
Co I: Dr Sandeep Gunjal, Ms Parishi Majmudar

LGBT are an important risk group for acquiring not only  STIs/HIV but  a population perceived to have high prevalence of tobacco use and thereby  higher risks of tobacco-related diseases.LGBT are a diverse and often hard-to-reach group, spanning all age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The aim of the present study would be to conduct formative quantitative and qualitative research to collect epidemiological and behavioral data from key informants, stake holders and target LGBT participants with the help of potential collaborating Voluntary organizations working with the LGBT population, to help develop   tobacco use prevention and cessation program for  design and implementation of pilot interventions in this special group


IRB No. 1103: “Evaluation of diagnostic performance of oncogenic Human Papillomavirus  DNA verses HPV mRNA as a secondary triage test for women found positive on Visual Inspection based approaches.”

PI: Sharmila Pimple;
Co-PI: Tanuja Teni; Co-I: Gauravi Mishra 
DBT funding

This study is proposed to explore the diagnostic accuracy of HPV DNA detection by HC2 verses HPV E6/E7 mRNA testing, to effectively triage screen positive women, in a population based screening for high grade Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN).


IRB No. 1101: “Assessment of Impact of ‘Gutkha and Pan Masala ban’ in the state of Maharashtra on users”

IRB No. 912
No funding
PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr.Sharmila Pimple;
Co-I: Ms. Parishi Majmudar, Dr. Sandeep Gunjal, Ms. Subhadra Gupta Mentor: Dr.Surendra Shastri

Government of Maharashtra has banned the manufacture, storage, distribution or sale of Gutka and Pan Masala since July 19, 2012. Maharashtra is the first state to ban pan-masala in addition to Gutka. This trial is proposed to assess the Gutkha and paan masala user’s awareness of the ban on Gutkha and paan masala and its impact on the users and tobacco vendors.


IRB No. 979: “Interventional study to determine the effectiveness of medium intensity versus low intensity tobacco use prevention and cessation intervention in the unorganized sector of Zari work in Mumbai”

PI: Dr.Sharmila Pimple,
Co-PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra; Co-I: Mrs.Parishi Majmudar
Intramural funds

This study is proposed to understand prevalence and practices related to tobacco use among workers of the informal sector of Zari Industry and to assess  the feasibility and acceptability of effective strategies of a programmatic approach towards tobacco use  prevention and  cessation intervention model in this  by assessment of pre and post-intervention knowledge, attitude and perception of tobacco use, followed by offering education and cessation and finally assessing the impact and outcomes by changes in the attitudes towards tobacco use and quit rates among tobacco users.


IRB No. 912: “Community based tobacco cessation programme”

PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra; Co-I: Mrs.Parishi Majmudar, Dr.Sheetal Kulkarni
Funding support received through DAE.
The project has been completed

The project aimed at assessing the knowledge, attitude and practices of the community women regarding health hazards of tobacco use and creating awareness regarding the same. The project envisaged providing tobacco cessation counseling services at the doorsteps and analysing the outcome of such a programme. The main aim was to document the processes involved so as to establish a model community based tobacco cessation programme which could be replicated elsewhere.


IRB No. 827: “A short duration pilot cohort study to assess the level of compliance in undertaking Breast Self Examination (BSE) among women attending Preventive Oncology Clinic”.

This trial is completed during 2011.  
PI: Ketaki Karnik Co-PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra
Funding: NIL

This was a dissertation of a MSc Part II student for submission to the University of Pune. This trial aimed to assess the level of compliance in undertaking BSE among women attending Preventive Oncology Clinic, to study the association of various socio-demographic factors and level of compliance with Breast Self Examination and to assess the reasons for non-compliance among these women.


IRB No. 785: “Restaurant Airborne Nicotine Monitoring in Mumbai, India: A Feasibility Study”.

This trial was completed during the year 2010.
PI: Dr.Surendra Shastri, Rachel Schwartz
Co-I: Dr.Gauravi Mishra
Funding: Global Health Institute at the University of Southern California and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

This trial aimed at measuring levels of indoor air nicotine through passive and particulate matter (PM2.5) monitoring in restaurants in Mumbai in an effort to generate evidence for advocacy of stronger smoke-free laws.


IRB No. 655: “Acceptability and feasibility study of HPV vaccination.”

This trial was completed during the year 2010.
Funding: TMH Intramural
PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra; Dr.Sharmila Pimple;

The trial aimed at determining the acceptability and feasibility of introducing a population based HPV Vaccination programme and understanding the key individual and community factors that would determine the potential acceptability of the vaccine.


IRB No. 649:  “Randomized intervention trial to evaluate single and double freeze cryotherapy in the prevention of cervical neoplasia.”

Intramural Funds
PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra; Dr.Sharmila Pimple;
Mentor : Dr.Surendra Shastri.

This trial aims to evaluate whether single- and double-freeze cryotherapy techniques have similar efficacy in controlling different grades of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), and have similar side effects and complications.


IRB No. 647: “An interventional study to evaluate the impact of direct and surrogate advertising and compliance with the bill with respect to the sale of tobacco products around the educational institutes.”

This trial was completed during the year 2010
PI: Dr.Sharmila Pimple, Dr.Gauravi Mishra;
Co-I: Ms. Parishi Majmudar; Mentor : Dr.Surendra Shastri.
Funding: NIL

This trial aimed at enlisting the outlets selling tobacco in any form and enlisting the tobacco based advertisements (Direct and Surrogate) directed towards the community, within 100 yards of the selected educational institutes and studying their impact on the students of that institute.


IRB No. 458: “Tata Memorial Centre Workplace Tobacco Cessation Programme in rural Maharashtra.” (funded by XIth Plan Project of the DAE)

This trial was completed during the year 2008
PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra
Co-I: Dr. Pallavi Uplap, Ms. Pareshi Majmudar, Dr.Shrirang Pakhale
Mentor: Dr.Surendra Shastri
Funding: DAE through TMCROP budget

This trial aimed at studying the prevalence of tobacco use and oral neoplasia among the industrial employees and implementing the tobacco cessation activities at workplace and studying its impact by measuring tobacco quit rates. In addition our objective was to develop manpower for Tobacco Control activities in the local area.


IRB No. 391: “Feasibility Study On Concurrent Evaluation Of The Three Methods Viz. Naked Eye Visual Examination, Examination Using Velscope And Examination With Toluidine Blue As Screening Techniques Performed By Trained Primary Health Workers For The Early Detection Of  Oral Neoplasia In Mumbai, India” (funded by the American Cancer Society)

This trial was completed during the year 2008
PI: Dr.Surendra Shastri;
Co-I: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr.Pallavi Uplap, Dr.Shubahda Kane, Dr.Devendra Chaukar
Funding: American Cancer Society through Emory University

This oral cancer screening trial aimed at evaluating the feasibility and efficacy of performance of the three oral cancer screening tests viz. i) naked eye unaided examination  ii) examination using VELScope   iii)  naked eye visual examination after application of Toluidine Blue by trained primary health workers; and estimating the test characteristics of each of the three oral cancer screening techniques.


IRB No: 358 Prevalence of Human Papilloma Virus infection in migrant female sex workers and the risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, in Mumbai, India

PI: Dr. Sharmila Pimple  Co I Dr Surendra Shastri.


IRB No. 351: “Tobacco Control Among Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Employees.” (funded by the intramural TMH grant)

This trial was completed during the year 2008
PI: Dr.Gauravi Mishra;
Co-I: Ms.Parishi Majmudar, Dr.Nilesh Ingole,
Mentor: Dr.Surendra Shastri
Funding: TMH Intramural

This trial aimed at assessing the prevalence of tobacco consumption, the reasons for initiation and continuation of habit and working on different strategies for tobacco control among the BPO employees.


IRB No. 264: “Cervix Cancer Screening by two step (VIA & HPV DNA Tests) Technique, among low socio-economic population in Mumbai, India”

This trial was completed during the year 2008
PI: Dr.Sharmila Pimple, Dr.Surendra Shastri;
Co-I: Dr.Gauravi Mishra, Dr.G. Amin, Dr.R. Kelkar, Dr.K. Deodhar, Dr. S. Patil, Dr. J.S.Malliga.
Funding: American Cancer Society

The primary objectives of this trial were to determine the test characteristics of VIA and to determine the number of false positives in primary screening test (i.e. VIA) by testing the VIA positive women by a secondary screening test (i.e. HPV HC 2).


A phase IIIB, Double Blind, Randomized, Controlled Study to Evaluate the Immunogenicity and Safety of HPV-16/18 L1 VLP/ASO4 Vaccine Administered Intramuscularly According to a 0, 1, 6 Months Schedule in Healthy Indian Female Subjects aged 18-35 Years

Recruitment                      : 24
Time Frame                      : 2007-08

Funding Agency                : GSK Biologicals


Cervical Cancer Prevention Project (Osmanabad-Barshi)

Recruitment                      : 1,43,000
Time Frame                      : 2000-10

Funding Agency         : Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the IARC, Lyon, France


‘Comparative Evaluation of Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Precursors by Cytology, HPV testing, Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) and with Lugol’s Iodine (VILI)’

Recruitment                      : 7000
Time Frame                      : 2001-04

Funding Agency         : Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the IARC,Lyon, France



Dept. Publications In Indexed Medical Journals   Book Chapters   Published Abstracts  

Departmental Publications in Indexed Medical Journals

Mishra GA, Pimple SA, Shastri SS. Prevention of Cervix Cancer in India. Oncology 2016;91,1:1–7. DOI: 10.1159/000447575 [PubMed PMID: 27463969]
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Published Abstracts

Sharmila Pimple, Parishi Mazmudar, Gauravi Mishra, Ashok Patil, Surendra Shastri. Prevalence and determinants of tobacco use among restaurant employees in mumbai, india. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 12/2014; 10:147-147.
Sharmila Pimple, Gauravi Mishra, Surendra Shastri. Comparative evaluation of colposcopy verses conventional cytology and hpv dna testing as a diagnostic triage for single visit screen and treat strategy in via based cervical cancer screening programs in low resource settings in india. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 12/2014; 10:3-3.

Health Educational Resources prepared by the Department of Preventive Oncology and available for distribution


  • Tobacco & Cancer
  • Cancer Of the Breast
  • Cancer Of the Uterine Cervix
  • An Ounce of Prevention
  • Mouth Self Examination
  • Facts About Breast Cancer
  • What you need to know about Women's Cancers


  • Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer


  • Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
  • Prevention of Cancer (Cervical Cancer)
  • Towards A Tobacco Free World
  • Freedom from Breast Cancer
  • Towards A Tobacco Free Society -Oral Cancer (Hindi)

a) General

  • Characteristics of normal and cancer cells
  • Normal to abnormal cells
  • Eight warning signals of cancer

b) Breast Cancer

  • Facts About Breast Cancer
  • Most Common Risk Factors
  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Easy changes to lower your risk for breast cancer
  • Breast Self Examination
  • General Awareness on Breast cancer (A set of 3)

C) Upper Aero- Digestive Cancers

  • Comparison Of A Bidi and A Cigarette
  • Use Of Tobacco Indian Style
  • Other Effects Of Tobacco
  • How Can I Avoid Bad Teeth And Oral Cancer?
  • Cancer Of The Larynx
  • Lung Cancer
  • Cancer Of The Oesophagus

d) Cervix Cancer

  • Cancer Of The Cervix - What Is A Pap Test? Warning Signals


  • Upper Aero-digestive Cancers
  • Tobacco & Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • All educational material is available in three languages English, Hindi, and Marathi



Cancer awareness programs


Common cancer screening training programs


Community outreach cancer screening program


Workshop on Health Education and Promotion

IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239
IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239

Workshop on principles and practice of cancer prevention and control

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IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239
IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239

Workshop on Tobacco Control and Cessation

IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239
IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239

International Womens Day 8th March 2021

Cancer prevention awareness sessions in different communities, conducted by Department of Preventive Oncology

IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239

World Cancer Day Event and Press Briefing, TMC & India Post 4th February 2021 at TMH, Mumbai

IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239

World Cancer Day 4th February 2021

IMG_20180524_113239 IMG_20180524_113239

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