Department Members

Dr Sandeep Tandon

Dr Sandeep Tandon

Designation: Professor & Head

Qualification: MBBS, MD, DETRD, DNB, PGDMLS



Special Interests: Dr Tandon completed his MD in Respiratory Medicine from Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai in 1994 following which he was Lecturer in Chest Medicine Department & EPRC at KEM Hospital until 2002. He was recepient of the British Thoracic Society - Raj Nanda Fellowship..

He perceived a lack of awareness amongst chest physicians and oncologists regarding potential role of a chest physician in dealing with respiratory issues specific to cancer patients. Hence, he joined Tata Memorial Hospital with the motivation of carving out   a niche in Oncology for Chest Physicians and bridge the gap. He joined the General Medicine Department of Tata Memorial Hospital in 2002. In 2006, he initiated the Pulmonary Medicine Service and over the years he   has developed and given shape to the Department of Pulmonary Medicine in its current form. He additionally also oversees the administrative responsibilities of the Staff Clinic ( Occupational Health Clinic ) as the Staff Physician of Tata Memorial Hospital. His calling in life is to bring Pulmonary Oncology to the forefront amongst Chest Physicians across India as well as increase awareness amongst oncologists of the important role of a Chest Physician so that they may serve as valuable team members to multi-disciplinary cancer   management teams in the diagnosis and management of all respiratory issues faced by oncologists in cancer care across public and private sectors nationally.


Dr. Maheema Bhaskar

Dr Maheema Bhaskar

Designation:Pulmonary Physician (Ad-hoc)

Qualification: MD, DETRD


Special Interests: Dr. Maheema Bhaskar has completed 2 years at Tata Memorial Hospital having joined the Pulmonology team in 2017. She completed her training in Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases from Seth G.S. Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai in 1999.  She has a rich experience of Respiratory Medicine   gained across a 20  year career spanning both, the public health care system as well as the corporate hospital sector. She has over 12 years of medical teaching experience initially as Assistant Professor at KEM Hospital, Mumbai and then Associate Professor at Sion hospital, Mumbai. Her specialized training in advanced diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopic procedures at Amsterdam and Pleuroscopy at Singapore has helped her augment the EBUS services at TMH having contributed to the more than 200 EBUS (staging and diagnostic) procedures done over 2017-18. She is also actively involved in training residents and fellows in the same and has been instrumental in initiating the Pleuroscopy services at TMH. She has undergone medical expert training in   Paediatric Bronchoscopy in Hamburg, Germany and has augmented the paediatric bronchoscopy services. She has a passion for teaching respiratory medicine and   interventional pulmonology and is keenly interested in developing an academic teaching programme in pulmonary oncology and interventional pulmonology and further develop the Department’s   services including development of   a Central Airways Obstruction Program.


Dr Pavankumar Biraris

Dr Pavankumar Biraris

Designation: Pulmonary Physician ( Ad-hoc)

Qualification: DTCD, DNB ( Pulmonary Medicine),EDARM ( Italy)


Special Interests:Dr Biraris is the youngest member of the faculty, having joined the TMH Pulmonology team in November 2018. He has a 4 year experience in   government and corporate healthcare sector career post qualification, with a specialization in Interventional Pulmonology (IP). After completing DTCD from BJ Medical College, Pune in 2012, Dr Biraris completed DNB (Pulmonary Medicine) from P D Hinduja National Hospital and MRC, Mumbai in 2015.He was awarded gold medal for excellence in the exit exam by National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. He trained in Interventional Pulmonology and Thoracic Endoscopy at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore between 2015 to 2017. He also participated actively in Interventional Bronchoscopy and Thoracic Endoscopic procedures during his stay at Department of Thoracic Endoscopy at University of Ancona, Italy. He carries a rich experience of Interventional Pulmonology procedures and has a passion for practice as well as teaching of these procedures. He has several academic publications and presentations to his credit. He is keenly interested in developing the Interventional Pulmonology Services as well as academic program of the Department.


Dr. Anshu Punjabi


Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: MRCP,DNB,MD,MBBS




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