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“To deliver the best Clinical Medical Physics services powered by research, advanced technology, education and conductive learning environment."


“To provide the highest quality patient care and to train Medical Physics professionals by adopting and implementing advanced radiation technology, education and training.”


The Department of Medical Physics works in close association with the Department of Radiation Oncology for the radiation treatment and has expertise in related areas. The department is engaged in commissioning, calibration, Quality Assurance, treatment planning and troubleshoot the minor issues of treatment machines, to adhere to the radiation safety, Radiation facility layout designing, research and education.

There are total five Linear Accelerators, three Telecobalt machines for treatment one conventional 2D Simulator and one 4DCT Simulator. Department is also equipped with two High Dose rate (Ir-192) Brachytherapy remote-after-loading machines. The department is equipped with advance equipment for radiation dosimetry, machine and patient-specific quality assurance, radiation area monitoring, radiation protection, radiation safety and personnel monitoring equipment. The department also maintains all the safety indicators to the recommended levels as per Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). The department closely interacts with the Radiological Safety Officers from other centers of TMC and provide the guidance accordingly.

The staff has acquired adequate expertise in all advanced treatment techniques like Three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3DCRT), image based three dimensional Brachytherapy, Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT), Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), StereotacticBody Radiation Therapy (SBRT), Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and Adaptive Radiotherapy etc. In addition, the staffhas an opportunity to get trained in various international organizations/agencies/societies including International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), International Organization for Medical Physicist (IOMP), American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) etc.

The Department assists and advises other departments in the institute like Nuclear Medicine & Molecular imaging, Radiology, Transfusion Medicine, Plastic Surgery and Tissue Bank regarding matters related to Radiation Safety, Radiation Source procurement and Radiation Source/waste disposal. In addition to that the Department also advises and assists other TMC centers across the country.

The staffs are invited as faculty at various scientific programs with their competent specialties in the country and outside the country. The department closely involved in the joint venture for development, testing and validation of RT equipment developed indigenously (BARC, RMC, RRCAT, BRIT, CDAC, SAMEER etc). The staff is also invited by various centers for helping them specifications of RT equipment. The staffs are on various committees of institution and other centers in the country.

The outreach efforts of the department are comprised of Research, Education, Internships and practical training designed to guide Radiation oncologists, Medical Physicists and Radiotherapy Technologists of Institutions having Radiation treatment facilities.

The department comprises nine Medical Physicists, three Technical officers, two Scientific Assistants, one Technician and one Secretary.

The Major Departmental Activities Are

  • To provide outstanding Medical physics service for the effective, safe and efficient delivery of cutting-edge Radiotherapy treatments achieved through research, process improvement, technology, and automation.

  • Conduct innovative and highest quality research and development leading to new and more effective radiation treatment methodologies.

  • Offer an environment that encourages and supports learning and intellectual development; provides educational and training programs for students, post-doctoral fellows, residents and faculty to enhance their productivity; and to produce professionals and leaders for the needs of profession.

  • Attract and foster the most talented staff who, share the vision and the core values of the Department, Division, and the Cancer Center and have common goals.

The department imparts training, conducts courses and has approved faculty for the courses conducted by allied departments.

  • Ph. D. in Medical Physics under Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI) & other Universities
  • Internship program for the students of One-year Post M.Sc. Dip. R. P Course from BARC.
  • MD(Radiotherapy), under HBNI
  • Advance Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology, Recognized by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE).
  • Short Term training for Radiological Physics trainees of (HBNI)
  • Short Term training for Medical Physics students of of Various Universities.
  • Short Term training for radiotherapy professionals within country.
  • Short Term training for radiotherapy professionals from neighboring countries through International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)/World Health Organization(WHO).

Ongoing Research

  • IAEA RCA Project 6101, , IAEA RCA 6096
  • Development & Evaluation of Indigenous planning system for Brachytherapy &Teletherapy (collaboration with CDAC/BRIT/BARC)
  • Small field dosimetry – IAEA project
  • Knowledge based planning for various clinical sites
  • Image texture and analysis for clinical projects
  • Atlas based contouring and its validation
  • Machine learning and its significance for Brachytherapy
  • Special Procedures (CSI, TMLI, TBI, TSET)
  • Biological modeling
  • Fabrication of indigenous gadgets for RT with 3D printing technology

A.  Equipment

Teletherapy at the Tata Memorial Hospital started in 1941 with two "200 KV Deep X-ray machines" and Radium brachytherapy. This was followed by the first Cobalt-60 teletherapy machine "Theratron Junior" which was commissioned in 1959. The era of linear accelerators and advanced technology treatment planning and treatment delivery machines in the country and at the Tata Memorial Hospital was started in 1978 with the commissioning of the first linear acceletator "Mevatron-12". In 1981 the first treatment-planning computer "TPS TP-11" was inducted into the department. The first radiotherapy treatment simulator "Therasim 750" was commissioned in 1982. The remote afterloading brachytherapy with Cs-137 pallets and first introduction of Ir-192 wire for interstitial implants was initiated in early 80’s. Later in 1994 we established first remote afterloading system Micro-Selectron HDR with Ir-192. In the last two decades the department has developed into a state-of-the-art facility comparable to any advanced center worldwide.

In ACTREC we have one indigenous Telecobalt machine Bhabhatron-II, one Tomotherapy and one dual energy linac.

Recently we have added 2 IGRT Linear Accelerators Truebeam and Unique and performing all advanced techniques like VMAT, IMRT, IGRT,SRT/SRS etc. The present equipments are listed here.

TypeModels Year of Commissioning

Teletherapy: Linear Accelerator

Unique (2)
Novalis Tx
Tomotherapy Hi Art

2016 & 2018

Teletherapy: Cobalt Equinox
Elite 80
TH 780 C
TH 780
Brachytherapy: HDR Microselectron V3 - 30 channel
Microselectron V3 -18 channel
Imaging & Simulation Imagine SIM
Light speed 4DCT-SIM
Somatom Emotion CT-SIM
Treatment Planning: Teletherapy Eclipse (10) 2005
Treatment Planning: Brachytherapy Oncentra (3)
Virtual Simulation Advantage SIM
SomaVision (6)
Networking ARIA 2008
Dosimetry (only major instruments listed) 3D Scanner RFA
RaySafe meters
ISP Film Dosimetry System
Matrixx Evolution
TLD System
Blue phanton RFA
OmniPro Film Dosimetry System


Phone: Department Office Number: (+9122) 24177000 / Ext.No. 4301

Address: Department of Medical Physics, Basement Floor, Annexe Building

TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Dr.E.Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai-400-012

Maharashtra, India

Fax: Hospital Fax Number: +91-22- 24177000 / Ext. No. 6041 (Secretary, Medical physics)

Email-id: Email-id: medphysics@tmc.gov.in

Contact Us

Dr. E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai - 400 012 India
Phone: +91-22- 24177000, 24177300, 69537300
Fax: +91-22-24146937
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