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Department of Palliative Medicine at Tata Memorial Hospital represents a comprehensive and sustainable model of holistic care that enhances wellbeing at the physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimension for patients with advanced life limiting illnesses and their caregivers.



  • To develop, facilitate, and establish comprehensive and holistic care processes
  • Institute measures that positively enhances the quality of life of the patient and family with life limiting illnesses
  • Assure competent, compassionate and continued care through out
  • Provide appropriate multidisciplinary inputs from the team of experienced professionals
  • Create a social environment that reflects and sustains this approach
  • Education

    • Create a comprehensive, robust, positive environment for excellence in palliative medicine education.
    • Commitment towards palliative care advocacy and awareness


    The palliative care unit in Tata Memorial Hospital was established in 1996 and has grown in leaps and bounds in last 17 years. The department has 3 consultants, 5 project officers, 5 nurses, 5 social workers and 10 counselors. In the year 2013 more than 7000 patient visits were seen in outpatients and around 2500 patient visits were done in home care. MD Palliative Medicine program was started in 2012 and at present there are 4 trainee residents (two residents/year). The department has undertaken various projects in terms of Palliative Care Education (Volkart Educational Project and Sri Ratan Tata Trust Education Project), Data capture (Jivadaya Project), rural health mission (NRHM Palliative Care) and Geriatric Palliative Care Program. Alongside the departmental postgraduate training in Palliative Medicine the department has undertaken other Palliative Medicine Educational Programs such as post PG.

    fellowship, (IAPC certificate course in Palliative Medicine Training), nurses and caregiver workshop etc. The department had organized World Hospice Day program, children’s palliative care program, awareness programs and support group program. The key achievement of the department is successful passing of Government resolution/legislation on “Maharashtra State Palliative Care Policy” – which will have an impact on development and growth of palliative care for the entire state.


  • Develop a research agenda and establish an annual assessment cycle to determine if planning agenda goals have been met
  • Create an environment for research and clinical audit and provide training and assistance to facilitate and meet the research needs

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