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D.A.E Clinical Trial Centre

  • As a nodal centre, DAE CTC will Coordinate clinical research and Networking with Centres of Excellence for Randomized Clinical Trials and other clinical research activities in cancer in the country 
  • A core group will be formed
    • which will direct research activities
    • offer consultations and advise
  • Facilitate Centralized laboratory at ACTREC
  • Regulate herbal formulations
  • Participate in Cochrane libraries

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टाटा स्मारक अस्पताल
डॉ ई बोर्जेस रोड, परेल, मुंबई - 400 012 भारत 
फ़ोन: +91-22- 24177000, 24146750 - 55
फैक्स: +91-22-24146937
ईमेल : msoffice@tmc.gov.in (रोगी देखभाल और प्रश्नों के लिए) / hrd@tmc.gov.in(प्रशासनिक के लिए - HRD मायने रखता है)

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