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The division was established in 1982. It regularly conducts Workshops, Seminars, Conferences which attract a large number of young participants from across the country. A Technology Transfer Program was organized for the first time in the country in 1986

In-house professional publications and surgical operation videos record the state-of-the-art procedures in surgical treatment of cancer.

The Professional Education division is designated by the UICC (International Union Against Cancer) as the coordination centre for professional education in cancer for the Asia-Pacific regions. The TMH, therefore, acts as a catalyst in Professional Cancer Education for disseminating knowledge and expertise across the country. It supports 10 trainees in various cancer disciplines every six months from its own funds and spends Rs. 25 lakhs on cancer education annually.

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The following postdoctoral and postgraduate courses are conducted by the TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.

Sr. No. Faculty Intake Capacity MCI Approved Seats Duration (Years) BOND (IN Yrs) BOND(Amount)
Superspeciality Courses
1. DNB (Gastroentrology) 1 1 3 NA NA
2. D.M.(Medical Oncology) 10 10 3 1



3. M.Ch.(Surgical Oncology) 16 16 3 1
4. M.Ch.(Gynaecological Oncology) 1 1 3 1
Post Graduate Courses
5. MD (Pathology ) 9 9 3 1



6. MD (Anaesthesiology) 13 13 3 1
7. MD (Radio-diagnosis) 5 5 3 1
8. MD (Radiotherapy) 7 7 3 1
9. MD (Microbiology) 1 1 3 1
10. MD (Immuno Haemotology & Blood Transfusion) 1 1 3 1
11. M.Sc Nursing 10 MNC & INC Affiliated 2   N.A.

Course Approved by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra 
12. Advanced Diploma
Radiotherapy Technology
(Affiliated by MSBTE)
10 - 2 1 -
13 Advance Diploma in Medical Image Technology            (Affiliated by MSBTE 20 - 2 1 -

The Medical degrees are awarded by Homi Bhabha National Institute (Deemed University) under Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. It is mandatory to all registered PG Students to submit bond for the period of one year to serve at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL after completion of PG Course.

Faculty Contact Office for Admission
( State Quota )
Superspeciality Courses DNB (Gastroenterology)
DM (Medical Oncology)
M.Ch.(Surgical Oncology)

For CET & All relevant information's

Contact : Office of Director (Academics),
Parel Mumbai - 400 012.
Fax.: 022-4146937 / 24146983
Tel. : 24177000

Post Graduate Courses

MD (Pathology)
MD (Anaesthesiology)
MD (Radio-diagnosis)
MD (Radiotherapy)
MD (Microbiology)
MD(Immuno Haemotology & Blood Transfusion)


For CET & For 50% All India Quota

Directorate of Medical Education& Research, 
St. George's Hospital Compound, Near CST, 
Mumbai - 400 001.
Fax.: +91-22-22652168 / 22620562
Tel.: +91-22-22620263 - 65

प्रशंसा पत्र


वयस्क हिमेटोलिम्फाइड

Convener : - Dr. Navin Khattry

Secretary : - Dr. Sumeet Gujral

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अस्थि एवं मृदु ऊतक

Convener : Dr. Bharat Rekhi

Secretary : Dr. Ashish Gulia

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Convener : Dr. Tanuja Shet

Secretary : Dr. Ashwini Budrukkar

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गॅस्ट्रोइंटेस्टिनल (जीआय)

Convener : Dr. Mukta Ramadwar

Secretary : Dr. Reena Engineer

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सिर एवं गर्दन सेवायेँ

Convener: Dr. Prathamesh Pai

Secretary: Dr. Kumar Prabhash

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स्त्री रोग चिकित्सा

Convener: Dr. Prathamesh Pai

Secretary: Dr. Kumar Prabhash

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न्यूरो ऑनकॉलॉजी

Convenor: Dr. Tejpal Gupta

Secretary: Dr. Epari Sridhar

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बाल हिमेटोलिम्फाइड

Convener : Dr. (Surg Cdr) Gaurav Narula

Secretary : Dr. P. G. Subramanian

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बाल सॉलिड ट्यूमर

Convener : Dr. Seema Kembhavi

Secretary : Dr. Tushar Vora

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Convener : Dr. Sarbani Ghosh Laskar

Secretary : Dr. Nilendu Purandare

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यूरो- ऑनकॉलॉजी

Convener : Dr. Ganesh Bakshi

Secretary : Dr. Amit Joshi

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फ़ोन: +91-22- 24177000, 24146750 - 55
फैक्स: +91-22-24146937
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