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Academic Activity:

The Department conducted its first workshop on oncological Reconstruction with cadaveric flap dissection course for 25 delegates in December 2010 under the banner ONCORECON. After that, the department is conducting similar workshop with live surgery demonstration and hands on cadaveric flap dissection course on a monthly basis. The numbers of delegates are restricted to four per course to have better interaction and also dissect each flap individually. Number of national and local faculties are attending and supervising this course. This course had a good response and is appreciated very much by the delegates- both practicing plastic surgeons and post-graduate students.

Symposium on Saturdays.

List of Faculties for ONCORECON:

Dr. Manish Agarwal

Dr. Rakesh Khazanchi

Dr. Amresh Baliarsing

Dr. Sanjeev Deshpande

Dr. S Raja Sabapathy

Dr. Vijay Haribhakti

Dr. VijayaPatil

Dr. SubramaniaIyer

Padamashri Dr. Ashok. Gupta

Dr. Mukund Jagannathan


Dr. Parag Sahasrabudhe

Dr. Vani Parmar

Dr. Rajendra Nehete

Dr. Bimal Mody

Dr. Ashok Koul

Dr. Quazi G. Ahmad

Dr. Gurmit Kaur Bachher

Dr. Ashwini Badrukkar

Dr. Prabha Yadav

Dr. Sameer Kumta

Dr. Anil Bhatia

Dr. Charudatta Chaudhary

Dr. Vinay Kant Shankhdhar

Dr. Jiten Kulkarni

Dr. R. Srikant

Dr. Abbas Mistry

Dr. Arun Deshmukh

Dr. Devendra Chaukar

Dr. Ketan Patel

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