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Convener : Dr. Santosh Menon ( Pathology Z )
Secretary :Dr. Gagan Prakash ( Surgical Oncology )
Radiation Oncology
  • Dr. Vedang Murthy
  • Dr. Priyamvada Maitre
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
  • Dr. Venkatesh Rangarajan
  • Dr. Archi Agarwal
Surgical Oncology
  • Dr. Ganesh Bakshi
  • Dr. Gagan Prakash
  • Dr Mahendra Pal
  • Dr. Nilesh Sable
  • Dr. Aparna Katdare
  • Dr. Daksh Chandra
Cancer Biology
  • Dr. S. V. Chiplunkar
  • Dr. Kishore Amin
  • Dr. Ashok Verma
Medical Oncology
  • Dr. Kumar Prabash
  • Dr. Amit Joshi
  • Dr. Vanita Noronha
  • Dr. Nandini Menon
  • Dr. Sangeeta B. Desai
  • Dr. Santosh Menon
  • Mr. Saleem Pathuthara
  • Dr. Rajesh Dixit
  • Dr. Ashok Verma
  • Dr. Kishore Amin


The DMG aims to provide optimum and multi disciplinary care of
urological cancers based on maximum adherence to evidence based medicine protocols.

Service Information:

The cancers treated under this disease management group are – Prostate cancer, Testicular cancer, kidney cancer, Urinary bladder cancer, Penile cancer & adrenal tumors. The patients are appropriately evaluated for the disease and once staging is complete, treatment options are discussed. The best possible treatment decision is then made.

For evaluation we have a NABL accredited laboratory which does almost all investigations including tumor markers, cytology and microbiology. We have advanced Uro-onco pathology services with several immune-histochemistry and molecular markers being assessed with multiple techniques. We make use of appropriate CT scan, MRI scan and PET scans – FDG PET scan and PSMA PET scan [for prostate cancer] as applicable in evaluation. All these facilities are provided at Tata Memorial Hospital.

We do provide open and minimally invasive – laparoscopic and robotic surgical procedures to patients at a very affordable cost. Wherever possible, we try doing organ preserving surgeries – for eg. partial nephrectomy, penile preserving surgeries, The DMG also offers state of art radiation therapy – stereotactic hypofractionated and Image guided for prostate cancer, Urinary bladder cancers and testicular seminomatous cancers. Bladder preservation protocols for urinary bladder cancers are offered in selected patients. Medical oncology services offer chemotherapy and molecular therapy to cases of advanced cancer.

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) has been introduced for prostate
cancer which significantly reduces treatment time to 5-7 days from 5-7 weeks, with minimal toxicity, greatly improves convenience on patients and reduces burden on therapy machines.


OPD Timings

General OPD - Tues / Thurs
Timing - 09:15 – 17:30 Hours
Location - Golden Jubilee Building , Ground Floor Room No. 57

Private OPD - Tues / Thurs
Timing - 09:15 – 17:30 Hours
Location - Homi Bhabha Building , Room No. 214.

The trainees are MBBS/ MD/MS qualified doctors who are admitted to various course specialties like Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, Radio diagnosis on the basis of their marks obtained in the Maharashtra state CET/NEET examination.

Observers: Medical students from other universities and institutions are accepted as observers in different departments of the Uro-oncology DMG. They use this opportunity to get familiar to working of a multi-disciplinary Uro-oncology team. Due to the high volume of patients coming to the hospital, it helps in learning the various aspects of Urological cancers including clinical presentations, evaluation, staging and management.

The faculty also participates in Onco nursing training program, Stoma clinic workshops and hospital infection related workshops.

Programs conducted:

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programme for Post-graduate students and practicing doctors: Uro-oncology DMG has been conducting an Annual CME since 2012. Large number of doctors take advantage of this meeting to update themselves in Urooncology topics. Few of the themes, which we had were -

Year Theme
2012 Testicular tumors
2013 Bladder Cancers
2014 Nuclear Imaging in Urology
2015 Prostate Cancer Masterclass
2016 Renal cell carcinoma
2017 Penile and Urethral Cancer, an update


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Trials :

1 1352 Germ Cell tumor out come and long term follow up
study (GTOF)
Dr Amit Joshi  Ongoing
Kidney Cancer Registry  Dr Amit Joshi  Ongoing
1720   A multicenter, prospective, longitudinal registry of
patients with prostate cancer in Asia.
Dr Amit Joshi Ongoing
4. . 1458  Hormone receptor status in adrenocortical
Dr Ganesh
5.   932 Prospective Phase III randomized trial of prostate
only or whole pelvic radiotherapy in high risk
prostate cancer (POP-RT trial)
Dr Vedang
6.  1467  Elucidating the role of Surfactant Protein D in
Prostate cancer
Dr Gagan
7.   590 Feasibility study evaluating bladder preservation by
helical tomotherapy based IMRT in muscle invasive
bladder cancer.
Dr Vedang
8.   1724 Study of Nephron Sparing Surgeries at Tata
Memorial Hospital
Dr Ganesh
9.  1414  Protocol No. RLS/0314/020- A two stage,
randomized, multicentric, open label, multiple dose,
two- treatment, two sequence, two- period,
crossover, steady state bioequivalence study of test
Nilutamide 150 Mg tablets (from EirGen Pharma
Ltd., Ireland) with reference Nilandron 150 mg
tablets of Sanofiaventis U.S. LLC in prostate cancer
patients under fasting condition.
Dr Vikram
10.   1555 To evaluate the role of 68GaPMSA
PET/CT in detection of recurrent disease in
prostate cancer.
Dr Venkatesh
11.  1753  Retrospective audit to find the incidence of adrenal
masses in CT scans done for other indications
(incidentalomas) at Tata Memorial Centre
Dr Nilesh
Best Adjuvant Chemotherapy for use in Penile
Dr Vanita
To study the feasibility of therapeutic drug
monitoring of sunitinib in metastatic Renal cell
Dr Vikram
Identification of Men with a genetic predisposition to
Prostate cancer: Targeted screening in BRCA 1 /2
mutation carriers and controls. The IMPACT Study.
Dr Vedang
Prospective randomized trial of Adjuvant
radiotherapy following surgery and chemotherapy
in muscle invasive transitional cell carcinoma of
urinary bladder (BART)
Dr Vedang
The circulating micro RNA in diagnosis and
progression of prostate cancer.
Dr Vedang
17.   1813 Clinical Outcome Of Prostatic Cancer Patients
Treated With Intensity Modulated Radiation
Therapy (IMRT) And Moderate Hypo-Fractionation
- A Retrospective Analysis
Dr Umesh
18.   1854 An Open-label, Single-Arm, Multicenter, Phase IV
Trial to Evaluate the Safety of Firmagon®
Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Indian Patients
Diagnosed with Advanced Hormone-dependent
Prostate Cancer (FIRST)
Dr Ganesh
Approved by
IEC, to be
Exploring the utility of circulating tumor DNA in
monitoring response to therapy and in aiding follow
up of prostate cancer patients using the palliative
systemic therapy in hormone sensitive prostate
cancer setting as a model.
Dr Vanita
Submitted to
IEC 3,
Due for
to IEC 3

Apart from the above mentioned studies, many questionnaire based studies and service audits are done to help improve the services

(Includes any Event organized for patients, celebrations, news item, etc.)

Phone: Department Office Number: (+9122) 24177000 / Ext.No. 7188, 7418, 7176/

Address: Department of Urology,  

TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Dr.E.Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai-400-012

Maharashtra, India

Fax: Hospital Fax Number: (+9122) 24101656

Email-id: Email-id: dmguro@tmc.gov.in

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