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We believe that life is a gift to share. Our services provide the gift of life through tissue donation and transplantation.

The TMH Tissue Bank is a non-profit service dedicated to the supply of safe, reliable and cost-effective human tissues for transplantation. Conceived as part of a programme of the International Atomic Energy Agency (UN) to promote the use of radiation for upgrading healthcare in the Asia-Pacific Region, it was established in 1988, at a time when Tissue Banks were almost unheard of in India, and few existed in Asia. A pioneer in the field, it is the first tissue bank in India to use radiation for the sterilisation of biological tissues, and in 2004 became Asia’s first Tissue Bank with an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality Management System.

The removal, storage and transplantation of human organs and tissues for therapeutic purposes is regulated by the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994, and as required by this Act, the TMH Tissue Bank was registered with the Directorate of Health Services, Maharashtra State in 2001.

Currently it banks gamma-irradiated, human amnion, chorion, amnion-chorion membranes, skin, tendons and a wide variety of bone products and promotes the development of tissue banks using radiation sterilisation of grafts. As part of its commitment to create professional awareness about quality assurance, promote the establishment of more tissue banks, and facilitate the formulation of national standards and regulations, in 2006 the Tissue Bank conducted the 11th International Conference of the Asia Pacific Association of Surgical Tissue Banks with the theme: “Issues on Tissues”. This was the first time that this multidisciplinary conference was held in India, and it attracted 212 delegates.

Tissue Banking is a multidisciplinary service requiring compliance with statutory regulations, stringent quality control and continuous interaction with professionals and the community. At the TMH Tissue Bank we are committed to respecting the gift of donated tissue and meeting the demands of transplanted tissue by:

  • Networking with government agencies and existing organ donation programmes to establish regulations and standards for tissue banking.
  • Creating public and professional awareness of the need for tissue donation, as well as the use and benefits of allografts.
  • Maintaining ethical, legal and medical standards for the donation and provision of tissue.
  • Facilitating the tissue donation process by making available resources and specialised services to tissue recovery agencies.
  • Implementing international standards of Quality Assurance through good manufacturing practices for the retrieval, processing and storage of grafts.
  • Providing allografts to patients of all economic strata.
  • Meeting the needs of transplanting surgeons through ongoing follow-up.
  • Promoting the development of tissue banks in the country.

The Tissue Bank is a well equipped facility and its layout and design permit the separation of various procedures enabling the control of environmental contamination. Donated tissues are sourced from an established network of donor surgeons and hospitals. The tissues are screened processed and sterilized by gamma radiation resulting in the availability of safe and clinically effective grafts. This has stimulated a radical change in the approach to surgical treatment resulting in innovative techniques with enhanced health benefits to patients. This has been reflected in the increasing demand for grafts. From1989 to 2017 the TMH Tissue Bank produced 92,814 grafts. 83,831 grafts have been utilised in patients in 376 hospitals and nursing homes in Mumbai and 315 hospitals and nursing homes across 20 States in India.

Tissue Banking requires a proper understanding of the legal, ethical, medical and social aspects, as well as the design and layout of the Tissue Bank, and quality control. Our experience of setting up India's first multi-tissue bank, inclusive of its design, protocols and clinical applications, constitutes part of the IAEA Multi-media Distance Learning Package, the first of its kind for tissue bank operators, managers and doctors, introduced in 1997.

Additionally, assistance in the form of hands-on training, consultation and project proposals are provided for setting up tissue banks and/or tissue retrieval centres in different parts of the country. TMH has helped establish such facilities at hospitals in Jodhpur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Surat, Mangaluru and Jaipur.

Public and professional awareness programmes to promote tissue donation also form an intrinsic part of the Tissue Bank educational activities since the number of grafts produced is directly related to the donor pool.

A number of studies are conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the grafts in different clinical conditions and to develop new products. The Tissue Bank pioneered the use of freeze-dried, gamma radiated amnion as a wound dressing in India, and was the first to demonstrate its efficacy in the management of skin reactions following radiotherapy.  It is still the only Tissue Bank providing indigenous, cost effective, barrier membranes and bone granules for guided tissue regeneration in the oral cavity. 

The following irradiated, freeze-dried or frozen products are readily available in various sizes and some products are custom made as per the requirements of the user surgeon.

1. Amnion
2. Chorion
3. Amnion-chorion membrane
4. Tendons
5. Bone   

  • Femoral Heads
  • Tibial Slices
  • Struts
  • Bone Granules (Sizes available: <500 micron, 500-1040 micron, >1040 micron)
  • Bone Blocks (Available in various sizes)
  • Demineralized Bone Granules (Sizes available: <500 micron, 500-1040 micron, >1040 micron)
  • Demineralized Bone Blocks (Available in various sizes)
  • Demineralized Bone Strips
  • Miscellaneous Bones

Freeze dried grafts are couriered to surgeons based outside Mumbai.

Allografts available from the Tissue Bank are obtained from donors who have been screened to rule out any transmissible diseases. This includes serology tests for viral markers. The tissues are further processed and terminally sterilised with irradiation.  The grafts are freeze-dried to reduce their immunogenicity and increase their shelf life. The freeze-dried, irradiated allografts are available off-the-shelf as ready-to-use packs. They may be conveniently stored at room temperature for up to 3 years. Processed, frozen, irradiated bone can be stored at -80◦C for up to 3 years.

Clinical Utilisation of Banked Tissue

The grafts from our bank benefit a wide variety of patients.

Amniotic membrane obtained post deliveries is separated into the amnion and chorion, Amnion is an excellent biological dressing which mimics skin. Banked amnion is used as a temporary, external wound cover to promote healing in chronic ulcers, unresponsive bedsores, abscesses, skin graft donor sites and wounds, including those following dermabrasion and laser treatment, as well as leprosy lesions. The use of amnion in the treatment of full and partial thickness burns has special appeal in this part of the world, as despite advances in burn management the mortality rate continues to be high and the search for an economical and easily available dressing to control burn wound infection continues. Amnion is extensively used in TMH in the management of moist desquamation following radiotherapy in cancer patients.

As compared to conventional dressings healing with amnion dressings is faster, more economical and user friendly. Amnion can also be used in orbital and ocular surface reconstruction and as a basement membrane for stem cell transfer. Chorion and amnion-chorion membrane are being used as barrier membranes in oral surgeries.

Bone allografts are used in various conditions. Morsellised bone is used to fill cavities which may have been caused due to disease or trauma. Dental surgeons use it to treat defects in the jaw.  In cancer patients it is used to enhance the recipient’s bone stock by packing it into the large defects resulting after the removal of tumours.

Bone blocks, strips or struts can be used to reconstruct skeletal defects or to provide structural support during fracture healing particularly when the bones do not unite on their own. They may be used to reinforce bone that has been weakened, as in patients with osteoarthritis and those needing total knee or hip replacement. Small segments of bone are used to correct deformities in the spine. Long bones may be used to replace cancerous bone.



Department Members

Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala


Designation: Consultant ( Tissue Bank)


Contact: 091-22-2417 7000 Ext. 4122 / 4112 Email:


Ms. Urmila C. Samant


Designation: Scientific Officer ‘E’


Contact: Email:


Ms. Cynthia B. D’Lima


Designation: Scientific Officer ‘D’


Contact:   Email:


The TMH Tissue Bank may be contacted for

  • Donation of tissue
  • Supply of banked tissue

The following medical and surgical residues can be donated to the Tissue Bank.

  • Amniotic membranes post deliveries.
  • Femoral Heads obtained subsequent to primary hip replacement or treatment for femoral neck fracture.
  • Tibial shavings from total knee replacement surgery or bone wedges from tibial osteotomies.
  • Long bones procured from amputated limbs after appropriate medical assessment.
  • Skin from abdominoplasties.
  • Tendons

Requests for grafts outside Mumbai must be accompanied by a Demand Draft for the required amount in favour of “Tata Memorial Hospital”.   Courier and postal charges are extra. The Tissue Bank may be contacted for further details.

Phone: Department Office Number: (+9122)  2417 7000 Ext. 4122 / 4112

Address: Tissue Bank,

Tata Memorial Hospital, Main Building (Basement)
Dr. Ernest Borges Marg, Parel, Mumbai 400 012.

Maharashtra, India

Fax: Hospital Fax Number: (+9122) 414 6937

Email-id: Email-id: tissuebank@tmc.gov.in


Contact Us

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