With an aim to use technology to deliver high quality advice on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, Tata Memorial Hospital introduces teleconsulting facility for its patients.

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See your regular TMH Doctor from the comforts of your Home

Get an opinion from TMH, even if you are taking treatment elsewhere

Save on travel and stay arrangements for your OPD visit

No Long and Uneasy waiting hours in crowded OPDs

Get an opinion from a Muti-Disciplinary Team of Doctors

The 5 simple steps:

*We have observed that most of our patients prefer to have a WhatsApp video call or a Zoom Call. We can set it up as per your preference.

Pricing Schedule

Pricing Schedule
First Teleconsult
(in INR)
Follow-up Teleconsult
(in INR)

One-time mandatory New registration Fees ( Except for NC category )


Indian National - NC Category

Indian National - General Category
Indian National - Private Category
International Patients - LMICS
International Patients - Non- LMICS

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a Teleconsultation mean?
In precise words, instead of visiting the OPD, your consultation happens over a video call at a pre-fixed date and time

Why should I opt for a Teleconsultation?
The Teleconsultation at TMH helps you to consult a cancer specialist without the need to travel all the way to the hospital and cuts down on the waiting time. In the present times, it is important to avoid travelling to or visiting the hospital unless absolutely necessary. This will not only reduce your risk of getting an infection, but also help save on expenses and energy.

Are the doctors for Teleconsultation different from the doctors we meet in regular OPD?
No, it is the same doctors you meet at TMH, who also will offer consulting through this service. The idea is to improve convenience to our patients and to reduce crowding in the OPDs when it is not necessary.

Is Teleconsultation a substitute for In-Person OPD visit?
No, the Teleconsultation should not be considered as a substitute for an in-person visit. While there are situations where physical examination and face-to-face consultation aid better decision making, that is not always the case. In most situations, a substantially safe medical opinion can be offered over video consult and referring to test results of a patient. Our doctors shall surely advise you about the same if it is realized that a face-to-face consultation is preferable in your case.

Is this service for patients registered with TMH only?
No. The teleconsultation service of TMH can be availed by any patient who has been diagnosed with cancer irrespective of whether they are already taking treatment with TMH or not.

If I have a follow-up OPD appointment, can I convert it to a teleconsultation mode?
In case you need to opt for a teleconsultation instead of a regular OPD follow-up, you need to book a Teleconsult appointment separately through one of the modes mentioned above. You may cancel your follow-up appointment once your teleconsult appointment is booked. Also, during the regular OPD visit, you can ask your doctor if your next follow-up visit can be conducted in teleconsult mode.

When should you NOT wait for a Teleconsultation?
second opinion in that situation but should not replace a hospital visit.ill I get a Teleconsulting appointment?

While it depends on the availability of time slots for your doctor, we shall try to ensure that your appointment is scheduled within a week’s time

Do I need to pay for this service? Why?
Yes, we have a schedule of charges for this service. Although nominal, it is necessary for us to sustain this activity and provide prompt service to our patients. While we charge for the service, we still believe, it saves other costs such as for arranging travel and accommodation and reduces the stress of waiting in crowded OPDs.Click here  for Charges

How is this different from other Telemedicine platforms?
There are certainly a plethora of choices and providers for a patient to access remote consultation and each of them would have its own benefits and constraints. While the aim is to make access to cancer care easier for our patients, we feel the two important notable features of teleconsultation with Tata Memorial Hospital are:
Focused care: Our oncologists work in units that specialize in particular cancer types i.e. each oncologist further specializes in particular region of cancer, for eg.Breast Cancers, Lung Cancers, Blood Cancers etc… This ensures that the opinion is always based on a rich experience of studying the same disease for years together
Team work:TMHhas adopted or rather been the pioneers of Disease Management Group practice in India. Every disease is looked after by a team of specialists in that area from different modalities of care. Thus, each new case or a major treatment decision is discussed by a team of Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologist along with specialists from Radiology, Pathology and other relevant branches. A multi-disciplinary approach ensures that all facets of care are covered.
Not to mention, these have always been the USPs of Cancer Care at TMH OPDs.The culture now transcends into the Telemedicine platform too. You interact in real-time with our doctors and clear your concerns.

What should I keep ready on the day of Teleconsult?
Please keep relevant reports ready on the day of consult.
It is preferable to have only one relative along with you during the teleconsult.
Please maintain the decorum like in a regular OPD visit.
Please make sure you are in a quiet area with good network connectivity.

Can I get a review for my CT Scan or MRI Films?
Yes, you can submit us your scans and images for a review. Please connect with us through one of the modes mentioned before and our team will guide you through the payment and submission process

Can I get a review for my biopsy slides or blocks?
Yes, you may get a review for your biopsy slides and blocks. For further details, Click here.

What else should I know before asking for a Teleconsult?
1. The Teleconsultation is not meant for emergencies.

2. The doctor may ask for additional information and schedule another teleconsultation if need be

3. The doctor may advise a referral/ask for an in-person consultation at any time based on his discretion

4. The patient may at any time decide to discontinue the teleconsultation

5. The tele consult is only a guidance and is not a binding treatment recommendation as the patient has not been clinically examined. Patients are suggested to share this opinion with their local doctor.

Will the doctor provide me a report at the end of a Teleconsultation?
Yes. You will get an email with asummary of your Doctor’s recommendations within 24-48 hours. Please find a Copy of a SampleTeleconsulation Report

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