The three common cancers particularly relevant to India are cancers of the Head & Neck (3,00,000 new cases detected each year), Cervix (1,00,000 new cases detected each year) and Breast (80,000 new cases detected each year).

Luckily these are amenable to prevention and early detection. The Preventive Oncology OPD provides screening and further management of these cancers. A regular OPD is conducted from Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Screening procedures include the following:

Recording of relevant medical history (mainly history of previous illness and treatment, family history of cancer, lifestyle patterns and other risk factors), Clinical Examination, Investigations, Treatment of precancers is conducted as per standard treatment schedules.

These services are also rendered periodically on an out-reach basis through community based cancer detection camps. Between three to four thousand individuals attend the clinic based screening facility each year and a similar number benefit from the out-reach camps.

Follow-Up Clinics

For the success of any screening program good follow up services are essential. The Department of Preventive Oncology conducts the following clinics to enable the incorporation of healthy lifestyles, learn self-examination techniques and maintain continuity in treatment: -

  • Tobacco cessation clinic three times a month
  • BSE training clinic (Wednesday - 2 to 4 p.m.)
  • Cervical Dysplasia clinic once a month.

Health Manpower Training and Development in Preventive Oncology

The department organize and conducts CME's, Updates and training workshops for General practitioners, Para Medics, Nurses and Interns on the prevention and early detection of Cervical, Breast and Head & Neck Cancers. These programs are conducted either as the department's own initiative or under the National Cancer Control Program of the Government of India or regional training workshops under the aegis of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Technical Advice for establishing Preventive Oncology Services

The department also imparts guidelines to medical institutions desirous of planning and setting up Cancer Prevention and Education activities. Several institutions have benefited in the last three years


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