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TMH, Mumbai

ACTREC, Navi Mumbai
Advanced Center For Treatment, Reserach and Education in Cancer

CCE, Mumbai
Centre for Cancer Epidemiology

HBCHRC, Vishakhapatnam
The Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

HBCH, Sangrur, Punjab
Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital

BBCI, Guwahati
Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute

HBCH, Varanasi
Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital

MPMMCC, Varanasi
Mahamana Pandit Madanmohan Malviya Cancer Centre


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"At an outset, I must share that it will not be in the right spirit if I fail today to share my Big Thanks to TMH.

My Dad was operated at ACTREC-Kharghar in May 2019; the result so far has been very positive and encouraging. The smile is back on face of my dad, also he himself is feeling happy post operation.

I fully appreciate the fact that most of them at TMH are working with selflessness and dedication... Really very very encouraging and self-emulating, I wish a great Journey ahead to TMH in fighting against this demon called cancer…."

My Name is Shailesh Kumar Mumbia, Name of Patient - Radha Mohan Singh , Age -78, Case No CR/13238

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Clinical Research Secretariat

The harvest of science should reach bedside. The most important source of the harvest is clinic with support from lab and final weeding process by statistical methods.

Institutional Ethics Committees

The IEC is established to formalize and specify Institution's commitment to the promotion of high scientific and ethical standards in patient care, professional education, clinical research, and community interests.

Ongoing Research

Efficacy Of Stereotactic Conformal Radiotherapy (SCRT) Compared To Conventional Radiotherapy In Minimising Late Sequelae In Children And Young Adults With Brain Tumours : A Randomised Clinical Trial

Three field radical esophagectomy versus two field esophagectomy a prospective randomized controlled trial.



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The TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL was initially commissioned by...
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