Background of Dharamshala Projects:


Nearly 70,000 patients visit the TMH annually not only from all over India but also neighboring countries. Nearly 60% patients are treated free of cost and the rest undergoes treatment which is highly subsidized.


The said land is allotted to Tata Memorial Centre for Hospital Building for Doctors Quarters and Dharamshala for Patients and allied services. The property card is issued to the Tata Memorial Centre by the Office of Mumbai City Survey and Land Records.


In order to overcome the difficulty of accommodation, the Government of Maharashtra has allotted a piece of land admeasuring an approximate area of 5 acres in the premises of Haffkine institute, G. D. Ambekar Marg, Parel, Mumbai-400012.


Need Assessment

Increasing Patient Registrations

New patient registrations increased to nearly 77,000 in 2019 and the trend has shown a consistent increase; The estimated registrations in 2030 are expected to be 110,000 despite development of cancer care across India. Patients from northern and eastern parts of India constituted the maximum numbers, with 10659 and 5625 from Maharashtra and Mumbai respectively. A large chunk of patients visiting TMH Parel, Mumbai are from various parts of India who are facing lot of difficulties for finding accommodation for their stay in Mumbai during their prolonged treatment.


Majority are Out-stationed Patients

Among the new patients, only 39 % were from Maharashtra (10789 from Maharashtra and 5545 from Mumbai).

The majority of others patients were from the northern/north-eastern parts and West Bengal. There were almost a thousand foreign nationals who had also registered.



Long Waiting Time

  • For Surgery: waitlist is 1 month long
  • For Radiotherapy (Done Daily): for 30 to 45 days
  • For Chemo Therapy: Patients has to take treatment in cycles from 7 to 21 Days and their stay can last from 3 to 6 months.
  • Children with cancer have to take treatment for 6-8 months initially.



Positive Outcomes:


With the Dharamshala Infrastructure in place and along with the help of TMH Staff of Medical Social Worker and Patient Navigators, the poor patient will not have to undergo hardship and will not be forced to live on the street in deplorable conditions


The treatment cost (which can go up by 70%) will be greatly reduced. It is also worth noting that TMH treats nearly 60% of its patients free of cost and the rest of the patients at rates which are highly subsidized.

Your Support would be highly appreciated as TMC has a legacy of unwavering support to numerous social causes and has always whole-heartedly supported Philanthropic Initiatives. It is time that, the world takes notice and helps us back which in turn would benefit the cancer patients at TMC.




Main Donation Link: https://tmc.gov.in/m_donation

Dharamshala Donation Link: https://tmc.gov.in/m_donation/donation/Donate?dn_tp=nr&src=6


 2).Platinum Jubilee Block, Tata Memorial Hospital

Objective of the Project:

In view of the overall increase in heath awareness in the country there is a need to meet the hight expectation of oncology patients. To meet the increasing number of patients the existing infrastructure at TMH needs to be augmented by finding new areas to provide patient friendly ambience.

The new hospital would be a 550 Bedded state of the art facility which will cater to 5 DMG namely, Head & Neck, Neurology, Thoracic, Gastro-Intestinal, and Bone & Soft Tissue.  The new hospital also wishes to provide world class oncology treatment facilities and training. To augment the level of education in Cancer Management by fully utilizing the highly talented and skilled health professional in TMH.


Scope of the Project

The existing building is 75 years old and as per the structural audit carried out, the building can be sustained only for the next five years. The facilities in main building will be relocated in the new building and some in the existing space.

The proposed built up area is 11,00,000 sq ft which shall consist of 550 Beds, 15 (Major) OT, 6 (Minor) OT, 7 Linacs, well equipped Radiology & Nuclear Medicine departments and State of the art Labs.

In the year 2020, the total prevalence of cancer in the country is expected to be 30 Lakhs. The greatest challenge being faced today is that the delivery of quality care to the needy patients. Tata Memorial centre being a foremost and premier cancer centre with a proven record of expertise, the inflow of patients is mounting year by year. As the number of cancer cases registered in TMC is increasing, the present infrastructure is becoming highly inadequate to full patient expectations.

The follow-up patients have also increased in view of the higher curability rates. In order to augment the services, develop new methologies and protocol for treatment, the infrastructure is a major constraint. After shifting the facility from existing building to new building, the existing building will be brought down and the new building will be built to house patient facilities.

If the new hospital can provide additional infrastructure, the existing highly talented and skilled health professionals can contribute more for oncology management, research and education.


  • To provide additional infrastructure to manage the increasing patient load.
  • To provide a separate surgical block and in-patient services with required support facilities.
  • To move the services from the main building (which is 75 years old) to a new and well designed patient friendly building in the land allotted by the state government in Haffkine Campus, Parel, Mumbai.


Tata Memorial Centre is an organisation catering to the needs of cancer patients from all over the country and nearby countries. With additional infrastructure the hospital will be in a position to deliver state of the art treatment services to many more needy patients in an efficient manner once the building is constructed.


Main Donation Link: https://tmc.gov.in/m_donation

Platinum Jubilee Block Donation Link: https://tmc.gov.in/m_donation/donation/Donate?dn_tp=nr&src=4


 3).Equipment for Platinum Jubilee Block 

Brief Scope:

This project is for the equipment requirement for the proposed hospital. In order to make the new facility fully functional, this proposal was made for procuring and installing the equipment. If feasible some equipment from the existing building will be shifted to the new facility.

In order to accommodate user mandates, the facility has been expanded which in turn has resulted in an increase in equipment requirement. TMH is working towards estimating the additional equipment requirement.

The new equipment is required for 2 main reasons, one is to provide state of the art services in the new facility and have equipment that deliver world class service. Another reason is the equipment in the old premises is fairly outdated and it is imperative that the new facility houses the best equipment to serve patients optimally.

The need for equipment is now evident since the present equipment is falling short to fulfil patient needs. The new facility coupled with new equipment should be able to meet the rising demands of the patients. 



  • New Equipment to provide uninterrupted services to patients
  • The Equipment will augment the patient handling capacity which in turn will result in more patients being treated.
  • Equipment having latest technology will compliment the new state of the art hospital.


Outcomes of the project

  • Much needed augmentation of equipment to cater to the rising patient load.
  • Separately Surgical Block will greatly ease the patient load, state of the major OTs, ICU, Wards, OPD, Radiation and Diagnostics etc.
  • Clinical, surgical and support facilities will benefit the most as they deal with these the most.




Main Donation Link: https://tmc.gov.in/m_donation

Equipment for Platinum Jubilee Block Donation Link: https://tmc.gov.in/m_donation/donation/Donate?dn_tp=nr&src=5

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