The concept of specialty education in cancer treatment and diagnosis was initiated very early by the Dorabji Tata Trust as one of the main and important mandate of this centre. As long ago as 1938 when the hospital was under construction, Sir Nowrozji ad Mr. J R D Tata consistently supported a comprehensive approach and maintained importance of education and research.

Sir Roger Lumley, Governor of Bombay was immensely impressed with this vision and appreciated this vision of the Dorabji Trust. In his inaugural address he said “ … You are attacking it on the three fronts of treatment, education and research - all three of them essential and interdependent – an I must express my admiration for the completeness of your plan.”

Perhaps as initiation of such academic activity, the trust had send young Indian doctors abroad to train in cancer treatment and diagnosis, and who later joined this centre as permanent staff when the hospital opened for public. Thus, education and training of personnel has received much attention at the Hospital - even before it started functioning.

The Division of academics TMC, was formally established in 1982. Presently the centre is affiliated to theHomi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI) – a deemed university of DAE). The centre runs several long term and short term courses both at graduation and at post graduation level. There are academic courses –like MS, MD, PhD, MSc, etc. Several training programs are organized for small areas within a specialty  and also encourages practicising medical and scientific   professionals for continuing education through short term observer-ship and several CMEs.

Over a number of years post-graduate training was given for M.S., Ph.D., M.D. and M.Sc. degrees of the Mumbai University. As the Hospital, because of its specialized character, could not fulfill the requirements under the revised rules of the University this recognition was withdrawn a few years ago. A special committee of the University was appointed to reconsider the matter and its report is awaited. However, the Departments of Surgery and Pathology still give facilities for practical work to post-graduates pursuing their post graduation namely - M.S., MD & Ph.D. degrees. It supports 10 trainees in various cancer disciplines every six months from its own funds and spends Rs. 25 lakhs on cancer education annually.

It regularly conducts Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences which attract a large number of young participants from across the country. A Technology Transfer Program was organized for the first time in the country in 1986.

All academic activities are recorded and disseminated through in-house professional publications and surgical operation videos that record the state-of-the-art procedures in surgical treatment of cancer.

This division is designated by the UICC (International Union Against Cancer) as the coordination centre for professional education in cancer for the Asia-Pacific regions. The TMH, therefore, acts as a catalyst in Professional Cancer Education for disseminating knowledge and expertise across the country.


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