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Month Module Test Expected release of module Expected closure of module
JUNE FISH EWSR1 10th June 2021 25th June 2021
JULY Sequencing IDH1/2 10th July 2021 25th July 2021
AUG RT-PCR EGFR 10th August2021 25th August 2021
SEP FISH 1p19q 10th September 2021 25th September2021
OCT Sequencing KIT/PDGFRA 10th OCT 2021 25th OCT 2021
NOV FISH ROS/MYCN 10th November2021 25th November2021
DEC FISH HER2 10th December 2021 30th December 2021
JAN Sequencing RAS/BRAF 10th January 2021 5th February 2021
FEB RT-PCR EGFR 10th February 2021 5th March 2021
MARCH RT-PCR SARCOMA/EGFR FISH 10th March 2021 5th April 2021
APR FISH HER2 30th March 2021 15th April 2022
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