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Library Policies

The Borrowing Facility

User CategoryBorrowing Facility
TMH/ACTREC staff - Borrowing members - HOD, Prof. Assoc. Prof. , Asst. Prof, Lecturers, 5 Library items / 15 days
Scientific Officers 5 Library items / 15 days
Sr. Registrars 5 Library items / 15 days
Jr. Registrars 3 Library items / 15 days
Students - M Sc, PhD, MD 1 Library items / 15 days
Trainees - Rs. 1000 deposit 1 Library items / 15 days
Observers, AdHoc Posts, Visitors, and others Reference Only

Library items - Books / bound volume /periodicals

  • Theses, dissertations, CDs, video cassettes, etc. are not lent out of the library.
  • Although the library circulation staff will observe any damage to the library item before lending it, all readers are requested to check the library item thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc., or any damage before borrowing. Please note Damaged items will not be lent out.
  • Library borrowed items (Books / bound volume /periodicals) if returned in damaged condition will NOT be accepted from the reader. Mutilated or spoiled books will have to be replaced by the borrower / the borrower would have to pay the replacement cost of the book for its latest edition.
  • Reference books are issued overnight two hours before the closing of Library, i.e. on weekdays 8 to 10.00P.M. and on Sundays 4 to 4.30 P.M.
  • Members are requested to return the library items on the due date to avoid inconvenience to others

  • Inter Library Loan

    Library materials that the TMH library does not possess in its collection, can most often be obtained form other libraries. This is called Inter Library loan (ILL). This facility can be availed by our borrower members only.
  • Delayed returns-Overdue notices and suspension of borrowing privileges

    If a loaned item is not returned by the end of the lending period, the Library sends the patron 3 overdue notices or reminders, depending on the type of loan, after which the copies of the fourth reminder will be marked to the concerned HOD and the Director TMC. Failure to return even after this wait, a bill will be sent directly to the Account office for necessary action. Patrons who have been billed in this way will be blocked from further borrowing/interlibrary loans and from renewing loans until the item in question is returned to the Library or until the bill is paid. The patron in question is also blocked from making claims as well.
  • Loss of library borrowed items

    Loss of Books / bound volume /periodicals must be reported immediately. Late fees, if any, will be charged till the loss of borrowed item is reported. If the original borrowed library item is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return.
  • Claims

    • Borrowing members can keep claims for borrowed items. Reader can claim for books (reserve) already issued, at the circulation counter or using the WEBOPAC.
    • The members with borrowing facility of 5, can keep a claim for maximum of 2 books at a time and the others can claim for 1 book at a time.
    • Any borrowing item can have maximum 4 claims.
    • Claimed books are kept reserved for the claimant for 4 days from the date of return by previous borrower.
    • Books / bound volume /periodicals have to be made physically available for re-issue
    • Books / bound volume /periodicals are reissued only if there are no claims.
    • The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehaviour or misuse of the library. For the rules for replacement of lost book kindly contact the Issue Counter
  • The Photocopying Requirements

    User category
    Total pages/month
    • TMH/CRI borrowing members
    • Staff - HOD, Prof. Asso Prof. Asst. Prof,, Lect, SO, JR, SR,
    40 pages /month
    • Observers and
    • AdHoc posts
    10 pages /month free and every additional page will be charged
    • Trainees - Rs. 1000 deposit
    20 pages /month
    • Trainees - without deposit
    On payment
    • Students - MSc, PhD, MD
    10 pages /month
    • Readers from other institutes / Visitors
    The facility is chargeable
    • Quota can not be accumulated for more than 2 months. However additional requirement can be availed with the permission of the Head, Digital Library.
    • Each request is processed in a queue. Any urgent work can be prioritized by the Head, Digital Library.
    • Xerox requirements must be attached with the xerox request form by the requester with date, signature and designation and contact no. "FOR" signatures will not be considered.
    • Visitors can also avail of this facility on payment, the charges being Rs.1/Page.
    • Library does not permit photocopying of books, except few line drawings, tables, etc. totalling to few pages.
    • The Library also does not entertain photocopying of personal material.
    • Final decisions regarding xerox work will be with the Head, Digital Library. These rules are liable to revision from time to time depending on the needs.
  • The Computer facility

    The library provides access to computers through the computer cell. The Computer Cell has eight PCs for academic needs.

  • Policies

    • Computer facility is only for the TMC staff, Users must display their identity
    • Observers, trainees of TMH can also access computer facilities, all of these category of users must display their identity
    • Use of Internet for academic work is given priority
    • Chatting on the Net is prohibited
    • E-mail is to be discouraged
    • Download of full text access is permitted to the above users, however systematic download is not permissible, See the Copyright notice. Members may please note that the library will not provide any floppy, CDs etc for downloads.
    • No print outs are provided for the any of the matter - either created using MS office or downloaded from the Internet.
    • No charges are levied for the access to computers and the Internet as well.
    • Users are not permitted to save on any section of the hard disk of any of the PCs. The users can temporarily only save on 'My documents' area of the PC and not any where else.
      • It is the sole responsibility of the user to take timely back -up of the matter that is created or saved by him / her. The library staff for the purpose of maintenance shall delete such files every 15 days to provide enough working space for the users and ensure proper functioning of the PCs in terms of speed and other technical snags.
      • Users must not save any matter on the 'desk tops'
      • Users must not down-load any screen-saver other than the activated by the library and should also not change the screen settings. These policies will be reviewed and revised from time to time.

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