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Department name UZZ
Location 5th Floor Annexe Bldg
Test Name Fibrinogen
Test Code U715
Test Status ACTIVE
Nature of Specimen Blood in citrate
Quantity Required 1) 4.5ml blood in 0.5ml of citrate 2) 2.7ml blood in 0.3ml of citrate
Type of Container Blue-top vacutainer
Method Used Automated coagulometer (Clauss method)
Collection Instruction No specific requirement
Patient Instruction Not applicable
Transport Instruction Within half an hour of collection
Dept.Acceptance Time 7.00AM TO 4.00PM Saturday 7.00AM to 1.00PM
Turn Arround Time 4 hours for routine samples. 2 hours for stat samples.
Time for Additional Examination Within 3 hrs of collection for PT,PTTK  & D-Dimer
Sample Storage After Reporting Not applicable
Resource Person for Report Status H.O.D
Telephone 24177000
Extension 4368
Test Schedule Monday-Saturday
Use Diagnosis

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टाटा स्मारक अस्पताल
डॉ ई बोर्जेस रोड, परेल, मुंबई - 400 012 भारत 
फ़ोन: +91-22- 24177000, 24146750 - 55
फैक्स: +91-22-24146937
ईमेल : msoffice@tmc.gov.in (रोगी देखभाल और प्रश्नों के लिए) / hrd@tmc.gov.in(प्रशासनिक के लिए - HRD मायने रखता है)

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