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Field testing the validity and feasibility of the NCG-SHS screening Tool for Serious Health-related Suffering, at tertiary cancer-care institutions across India

Study design / Type : This is a feasibility and validity study of a screening tool (questionnaire)

 Principal Investigator
 Dr. Nandini Vallath
Participating Centres
  1. Cancer Institute-WIA-Chennai
  2. Max Super Speciality Hospital-New Delhi,
  3. Tata Medical Center-Kolkata
  4. Homi Bhaba Cancer Hospital and Research Centre -Vizag
  5. Kasturba Medical College-Manipal
  6. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences -Kochi,
  7. Tata Memorial Hospital-Mumbai
  8. Christian Medical College Vellore
  9. MNJ Institute of Oncology-Hyderabad
  10. Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital-Jamshedpur 
Number of participants
The term “Serious Health-related Suffering” (SHS) was coined by the Lancet Commission on Global Access to Palliative Care and Pain Relief in its 2017 report. The NCG-SHS Screening Tool (English) was designed in a phased approach over 1.5 years, in order to screen patients quickly and reliably for presence of SHS, so that they may access appropriate care-inputs. This field test is proposed to determine the feasibility and validity of the NCG-SHS Screening Tool (English) by comparison with a relevant standard ( evaluation for presence of serious health-related suffering by a cognitive interviewer). As the Lancet Commission identified “Cancer” as one of the significant contributors to SHS, the field test is proposed among patients consulting at leading tertiary cancer-care institutions across India.

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