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The NCG was created to form a union of cancer centres in the country which could provide uniform and high standards of cancer care, follow uniform evidence based guidelines for management of patients, develop human resource adequately trained to fulfill the cancer healthcare needs of the entire nation and conduct collaborative clinical research of a high standard.

The union would to ensure provision of same quality of care to patients from any part of the country, without having to travel long distances and regardless of their ability to pay for treatment achieved by following the same evidence-based management guidelines, which are implementable in all cancer centres.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Evolve and implement uniform standard of cancer care across India
  2. Offer the state of art services for those afflicted by cancer.
  3. Create Human Resources to tackle the rising need of cancer care.
  4. Gauge the magnitude trend and type of national cancer problem through registry and run appropriate epidemiological intervention studies to prevent cancer.
  5. Direct cancer research in clinic and laboratory to offer cost effective solution to cancer in India.

Dr. C. S. Pramesh

Convener of National Cancer Grid

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