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1. Who can participate in EQAS?

All the centers practicing histopathology and immunohistochemistry across India can participate in EQAS.

2. Is it compulsory to participate in all the modules?

No. You can choose the module as per your facility and proceed with the payment accordingly (For Non NCG members).

At present, the IHC module is functional. The dates at which the subsequent modules will be open shall be notified soon on the website.

3. How do I make the payment? For non-NCG members, the payment has to be sent in the form of Demand Draft (DD). The DD has to be in the name of ‘NCGEQAS - Tata Memorial Hospital, Account number 3332, payable at Mumbai’. Exercise is free for NCG members.

4. How will I know whether the payment has reached you?

We will send you a mail with the in-voice attached, once we receive your payment. Your centre will then be approved and you will get an user ID and password which is unique for your center on email. If you wish you could change this password after the first log in.

5. What has to be done first? Registration or payment?

You have to first register on our website and then go ahead with the payment. Once we receive the payment, we shall approve your centre for participation in EQAS.

6. How do I know whether my center has been approved/ disapproved?

You will receive a notification email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.instating by the same.

7. I forgot my username/password. What do I do?

There is a link for forgot password available on the webpage, please click for new user ID and password.

8. What is the duration between the RUN?

For the IHC module we circulate slides every three months and the time between courier of slides to closure of Run is two months. Each module will have its own Run schedule which be on our Annual calendar on front page – click here to see.

9. Slides were broken when I received them? What do I do?

Call us and send the picture of the broken slide on the EQAS mobile number provided within 3 days of the receipt of the courier. We shall arrange for resending a new set of slides. However, new slide will not be provided if the slides are broken during performance of the test procedure.

10. What will be the date of closure for a particular run?

We shall announce the last date once all the centers receive the couriers. It can be expected to be 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the courier.

11. I have stained and evaluated the slides. What do I do next?

Login to the website using the username and password, sent to you via mail during the registration of your centre. Enter the protocol used for staining, the test results and save the same. Generate a pdf of and send us a print out of the same along with the stained slides. Note – it is mandatory to enter both the protocol and the results on the website, failing which the centre will be disqualified for the particular run. For web page user guidelines on how to enter the data, click here.

12. Is it compulsory to include in-house controls?

Yes. For IHC module, it is must to send both positive and negative in-house control slides.

13. Is it important to send back the stained slides?

Yes. It is mandatory for the participating center to send back the stained slide after entering their interpretations, failing which the center will be disqualified for the particular run.

14. Is it mandatory to send the hard copy of the results?


15. How do I know the ideal results for each run?

Ideal results after validation will be available on the pdf of the Report. Also the same will be made available on the website after RUN closure.

16. Are the EQAS results validated?

For predictive markers we are using help from Nordic Qc for validation. For diagnostic markers we validate using 4 to 5 antibodies on both manual and automated platforms. If there are any issues with the results please feel free to revert to us. As of now the EQAS is not Accredited.

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