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1. How to participate in MP-QAP?

To participate in MP-QAP for the first time please fill out the electronic form on www.tmc.gov.in/mpqap

2. Who can participate in MP-QAP?

All centers practicing Molecular diagnostic tests (FISH, PCR, Gene sequencing, and Clonality Assay) across India.

Neighboring countries can also participate.

3. How do I check & modify my participant information? You can check and modify your participant information when you are logged in to the user control center. The participants are exclusively responsible for the correctness of their data.

4. I forgot my login ID/Password?

Link of forgot password will be available on Log In page. Further instructions will be sent to your personal contact details.

5. How do I find the results of the latest assessment?

Results of each assessment will be uploaded on the dashboard of every participant. Data of every participant will be confidential and they can access their own results.

6. Is it compulsory to participate in all the modules?

No. You can choose the modules as per requirement on general registration portal./p>

7. I missed the deadline of uploading the result?

Contact MP-QAP member via E-mail or Telephone number provided on the website.

8. How do I know the ideal results of each assessment?

Ideal results with overall statistical analysis of the each assessment will be uploaded by on dashboard.

9. Is it compulsory to send hard copy of results?


10. Is it mandatory to send back the slides in case of FISH Slides?

No not required only the result data entry form need to be sent.

11. Is it mandatory to include in-house control?

It is a best practice to include a control in every run.

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