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Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) session is an NCG initiative aimed at providing standardized care to individuals across the country. Different centres from across India join this virtual tumour board to discuss management of Oncology cases.

The NCG Virtual Tumor Boards (VTB) work on leveraging the proven benefits of getting multidisciplinary teams to work on treatment decisions. Complex clinical situations in cancer are presented to peers with expertise and experience in cancer care using a web-based platform. In addition to assisting with treatment decisions for individual patients, the process reinforces the importance of multidisciplinary treatment decision making, and provides an excellent opportunity for participants to learn from collective experience and expertise of a large number of oncologists.

It utilizes the host and centre model where any one centre takes up the responsibility of being host (currently TMH on Saturdays and Max Hospital on Wednesday) and other centres log in separately. All centres' experts are free to contribute to the discussions on any particular case.

VTB works with the help of a videoconferencing platform called Zoom given by ECHO India


Participation can be of two types -  submitting cases for discussion and Hosting. Up to 25-30 experts log on at a pre-specified time (See Schedule for the month below) and discuss optimal treatment of patients from cancer centres across the country

How to participate - Any Centre from NCG can login to the session with Meeting ID sent with session details on every Monday (TMH session details) and Thursday (Max session details) and share views with regards to the case being discussed. Presenting NCG member centre which can be from any state in India would thus benefit with the enriching discussions.

How to submit cases - Cases should be submitted by email to needed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , latest by following days
Monday 12 noon (Max session on Wednesday ),
Friday 12 noon (TMH session on Saturday)

Who can log in - Experts from all NCG member centres are free to contribute to the discussions on the case being presented during the VTB meetings.  Any NCG centre who would be interested to discuss cases or be part of expert discussion for various cases of different DMG’s can join

Who can Host - Any centre who is part of NCG with multidisciplinary team can host the session. Submit your proposal to Hosting VTB ECHO session to Dr. C S Pramesh, Director Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai & Convener NCG. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What will be needed at the hosting centre -

1. Main Laptop Will be used for hosting the clinic. Must be fast and reliable, running Windows. Detailed specifications provided later on in this guide.

2. Facilitator Laptop Used for presenting the didactics, case presentations, agenda etc.

3. Audio - Conference Speaker / Mic Recommended - Jabra 710

4. 4 2 x 40-50” TVs Dual TV Setup to enable side-by-side view of participants and didactic / case presentations.

5. Docking Station / Video Interface: To enable dual video out. Recommended: Kensington SD3500v

6. Camera Recommended: Logitech BCC950

7. Internet Atleast 8mbps upload and download speed. Should be fast and reliable.

8. UPS / Power Backup TV, Laptop, Internet and lights must be on instant power backup or UPS.

9. Cables & Adapters 2 x HDMI cable, DVI to HDMI adapter, DVI to VGA adapter, USB 3.0 cable

Participants -Spoke Technical Requirements

1. Fast and Stable Internet Connectivity Atleast 2mbps (upload & download) connection that is stable and reliable

2. Uninterrupted Power Supply Stable and reliable power supply should be available. If not, arrange for a UPS  for each spoke site.

3. Laptop / Computer A fast and reliable laptop / desktop equipped with basic mic and webcam. Minimum i3 processor and 4GB RAM recommended

The present hosts – Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai on Every Saturday Max SuperSpecialty Hospital Saket, Delhi on Every Wednesday.

Downloading Zoom

Refer to our manual for connecting with VTB on ‘Zoom’ . Click here to download the manual to install ‘ZOOM’ and participate

VTB sessions are scheduled:

Every Saturday for different specialties at Tata Memorial Hospital

NCG Virtual Tumor Board ECHO 1


NCG Virtual Tumor Board ECHO 2


Every Wednesday for different specialties at Max Hospital, Saket

NCG Virtual Tumor Board ECHO


Click here for the Calendar of Schedule and keep your day aside


Do fill in the Feedback form and help us. Mail the feedback form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact address:

For support and inquiry on VTB schedules : Dr Abhiram Mehendale This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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