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TMC Milestone Book

A book for all who wish to know about history of oncology in India and great medical institutions



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The book is meant for:Students of oncology and medical history,Practitioners of cancer care,Caregivers and patients,Medical Institutions
Three quarters of a century have passed since the Tata Memorial Centre started its yeoman service to India and her neighbours. Here, for the first time ever, is the official history of this institution.

The book takes you through the ups, and the occasional tumultuous times, that the centre has faced. It is an inspiring story of how a small band of people, who with empathy and insight, came together in pre-independent India, to help their fellow citizens face the scourge of cancer and fight it. The book is embellished with many photos, some of which are from personal collections as well as personal interviews with those who have contributed to the growth of the centre.

“Indelible footprints on the sands of time” takes the reader, decade by decade, through the events that shaped the institution. This profusely illustrated book will be of interest to all – doctors, devotees of history and the general public.

What readers are saying
The wonderful commemorative book on the Platinum Jubilee of Tata Memorial Center (TMC) evokes nostalgic memories supported by photographs, the historical need to set up TMC and vision of the visionaries who took the decision with a sense of pride. We also appreciate the huge contribution in the area of cancer care, services and research which has been made by the TMC and its partner to provide relief to numerous cancer patients and cancer survivors in our country. It was also impressive to see where TMC has reached now and a clear glimpse of the future lies particularly the network of the cancer care, registry and research which it could establish. The book has been able to amply demonstrate that this is a jewel of our country and I get a feeling of sweetness and tranquility after having gone through the book.
Dr. N. K. Ganguly
Former Director General (ICMR) and
Distinguished Biotechnology Fellow & Advisor
The Platinum Jubilee Milestone publication of the Tata Memorial Center is an extremely well documented initiative to capture TMC’s journey in becoming one of the leading cancer healthcare providers in the country. Its pages effectively highlight the successful administration by the Department of Atomic Energy of the Tata Center providing credence to the benefits of public private partnership within the healthcare space.

The principles of constructive philanthropy, are deeply ingrained within the Tata Trusts and the Tata Group companies. This milestone is testament to the Tata’s pledge to continue this fight against cancer in order to build a stronger India.
Mr. Ratan Tata
Chairman, Tata Trusts

This is a remarkable and eminently readable coffee-table book, prepared with affection and care, describing the achievements of the Tata Memorial Centre over the last 75 years. It has been put together through painstaking historical research and archiving, covering the early years of the Hospital under the Tatas, the growth of TMC under the Department of Atomic Energy, and its current leadership and high international reputation in cancer research, education and health care delivery. Dr. Badwe and his colleagues should be congratulated for this monumental effort, which is worthy of emulation by other pioneering institutions in the country.
Dr. R. Chidambaram
Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India

Within the walls of this institution few labour unceasingly so that many may live

This book is published by Tata Memorial Centre on the eve of its completion of 75 years of continued & dedicated service to the nation for those afflicted with cancer. Human values, therapeutic equipoise, science & technology should always be at the core of clinical medicine. This has always been the hall mark & motto of the institution since its inception in 1941 by the house of Tata’s.

Beautifully produced & very carefully edited the compilation not only conveys the history & growth of the centre but pays tribute to the large number of its creators, medical personnel, patients & the administrators who developed & nurtured this centre over the years.

The history of ‘Cancer in India’ is embodied within the pages of this outstanding publication.

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Dr. P. B. Desai
Former Director, Tata Memorial Centre
This book commemorating 75 years of the Tata Memorial Centre is a worthy testament to this august institution, its people and the cancer patients, carers and families that it has served over this time. The history of the institution begins with the inspired work and foresight of Sir Dorabji Tata and the Trustees and takes us through an incredible journey, through decades of the evolution of cancer care and research, to the modern day. It demonstrates the tireless dedication of its people who have served those cancer patients who have passed through its doors and benefited from outstanding, compassionate care. The curator has presented an encyclopaedic knowledge about this vibrant institution beautifully, which has also been wonderfully accompanied by illustrations throughout the book, creating an enriching, visual experience for the reader. As a record of the past and an inspiration for the future, this historic record will indeed leave "indelible footprints on the sands of time".
Professor Arnie Purushotham
Director of King's Health Partners Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Lead, Clinical Academic Group, Cancer
Professor of Breast Cancer, King's College London
Consultant Surgeon, Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
Senior Clinical Advisor, Cancer Research UK



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