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This website is designed, developed and hosted by Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), a Grant -In Aid Institute of the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. This is the only Official Website of Tata Memorial Centre.

Web Site Accessibility
The Tata Memorial Center is committed to providing access to its web pages for individuals (medical professionals, social workers, and patients as well, and all those who look for information about the centre, and or on the cancer disease or health information. The Hospital recognizes the importance of making its web site available to the largest possible audience and the goal is to attempt to design the web site to be accessible by everyone. Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the content on this website. These should not be construed as a statement of medical advice, law or used for any legal purposes. The centre does not take any responsibility of the content for its accuracy, completeness, and usefulness or otherwise. Visitors to the website should verify/check any information with the relevant other source(s). The centre is not liable to pay for any loss or damage including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any expense, loss or damage whatsoever arising from use of information from this website or in any other connection with the use of this website.

Disclaimer of Endorsement and Liability: (for commercial products, processes and or services)
The Tata Memorial centre's website will not mention and or endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes or services. Any mention of commercial products, processes, or services as a part of the web content on Centre's website https://tmc.gov.in, should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.

The Centre publishes advertisements for career opportunities /job vacancies for all its campuses and the other Centres on this web portal (https://tmc.gov.in) and in leading national newspapers and international and national scientific journals. Tata Memorial Centre / Tata Memorial hospital is not responsible for any bogus job offer(s) and no candidate is required to pay anything for a job at this Centre / Hospital(s). We have received emails from applicants who are subject to a SPAM recruitment communication from an email / website that does not belong to the Tata Memorial Centre / Hospital. Please note that any official email communications will bear the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as communicators email ID.

Use of the Content /information / data from this website

Copyright Policy
Contents of this website may not be reproduced partially or fully, without due permission from TMC. If referred to as a part of another website, the source must be appropriately acknowledged. The contents of this website cannot be used in any misleading or objectionable context. The content related to health information is only informative in nature.

Press releases
Press releases or other materials other than those created by TMC or DAE will not be posted on the TMC Website.

Information on health on TMC website
The TMC site does not intend to provide specific medical advice to users of its Web site. It will provide users with information to help them better understand their health, diagnosed conditions, available treatments, prevention, screening, and supportive care and other related information. The information created and posted for general education on health and disease. This information will be up dated as and when found necessary. The information should not be used for self diagnosing, / treatment etc. It is advised that specific personal health queries may be directed to the treating physician for better advice.

Use of material posted on TMC website
Material featured on this website may be reproduced free of charge after taking appropriate permission by sending a mail to the concerned or to the webmaster. However, the material should be reproduced accurately and should not be used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. Wherever the material is being published or issued to others, the source must be prominently acknowledged. However, the permission to reproduce this material shall not extend to any material which is identified as being copyright of a third party. Authorization to reproduce such material must be obtained from the concerned copyright holders concerned.

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