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Introduction  Aims and Mission The Team The QI Process


The National Cancer Grid is committed to achieving its vision of excellence in cancer care, by nurturing the capacity and culture of high quality services across India. For the purpose of capacity building in Quality Improvement (QI), NCG now hosts a ‘Quality Improvement Hub’ (QI Hub-India). This has been done in collaboration with Stanford Medicine- USA, a leader in educational programs for quality improvement for clinical teams, through the generous grant from the Tata Trusts. The QI Hub functions in collaboration with the QI leadership team from Stanford Medicine, USA to enable high standard QI skills, that are accessible and available to Hub personnel, to the team of India based mentors and to the participating teams. It is the facilitatory centre for the annual QI projects and serves to access, disseminate and highlight Quality Improvement competencies. It will also be the resource for best practices in the field. QI Hub is the formalised outcome of the pilot project done in 2017-2018, when the core QI leadership team at Stanford Medicine, partnered with Indian leadership in palliative care. Physician leaders (team coaches) were recruited from seven global universities as QI faculty, to engage with the clinical teams from India to develop the PAICE program – Promoting Assessment & Improvement of Cancer Experience (List of Participation). This program combines Stanford’s structured curriculum with mentored experience, designing and implementing quality improvement projects to positively impact care. The PAICE program will initiate a common dataset to drive comparative understanding of performance and effective interventions, beginning 2020. The project outputs of each cohort will be utilized to develop national measures and standards in the quality of care


Vision of the QI Hub programme is to improve the quality of clinical services in cancer care in India through development of an internal capacity for quality improvement." class="system-pagebreak"


The mission of the QI Hub programme will be to foster an integrated culture of Quality Improvement in Cancer Centre’s daily practices, to promote better quality of preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative care services.

The Team:

The QI- Stanford core Team The QI India Hub core Team
Jake Mickelsen
Administrative Director, Value Improvement, Stanford Health Care
Nandini Vallath
Director QI – India Hub,Co-director PC-PAICE
Michelle DeNatale
Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives, Stanford Medicine
Sarbani Laskar
Karl Lorenz
Stanford Palliative Care Section Chief
Vanessa Damania
Executive Officer,QI-India Hub

The QI Process:

The objective of the programme is to force-multiply the organizational capacity of oncology and palliative care teams at cancer centres in the country to; i) identify critical concerns/ problems within the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic or palliative care processes that require improvement ii) Identify causes, measures and analyse baseline states iii) set SMART goals for improvement iv) identify suitable measures and chart the improvement v) identify key drivers for change vi) develop sustainable interventions and actions to change the processes and improve outcomes, vii) evaluate the changes in the processes, and overall impact on the program viii) review and refine the processes.

Each QI team identifies a specific issue that negatively impacted delivered clinical care that needed improvement E.g. timelines of referrals, delays in responses, coordination across settings, standardization of care protocols, or quality of perceived care.

The current cohort has seven clinical teams from across India participating in the 2018-2019 QI cycle. The application for participating in Cohort 2 (2019-2020) will open in April 2019 and will close in August 2019. This cohort will have 2 tracks i) PC-PAICE [Palliative Care] and ii) Onc-PAICE [oncology]. The training is scheduled to begin from the month of September 2019.

Those centres interested in participating in Cohort 2 are requested to contact Ms. Vanessa Damania at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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